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  • love it please don't cancel it

    Amazing cast .. brilliant writing .. original funny scenes yet unique in the humor .

    Love it

    Big fan
  • Hilarious!!

    The whole house laughs until we cry every week. A new favorite!
  • i love this show

    i love it. i think will arnett is brilliant
  • Decent

    It is my 3rd favorite comedy to come out of the 2013-14 season.... so its not exactly "the best", but I liked it. I could tell early on however it probably wasn't going to get a long run. It never grabbed the audience with anything too special. It was a great "sit & kill 22 mins" show.

    Probably ddnt help the show that it didn't have a "sex appeal" star on either side to draw fans in either. As cute as Jayma Mays is, she isn't making guys reschedule their nights to see here, and I doubt Will Arnett is doing the same to the ladies. It relied on its dialogue, which was okay, but these days on TV you can only get away with 2 types of TV "brilliant" writing, or "okay" writing with some eye candy.
  • need more sense

    More sense
  • Hit or .

    This show is really difficult to watch and I'm not quite sure why I torture myself. My best guess to the self inflicted pain is I keep sitting, waiting, wishing for this show to get better? The dialogue between the actors is slow and I feel myself wanting to slap the shit out of them to get their lines out faster. Their poorly written "need a laugh track to make it funny" lines are painful at best. The actors are talented (Arnet is hysterical but not in this show) however they are working with a bag full of poop for a script week after week. Also, what's up with filming the ceiling? Is something happening two feet above the actor's heads that I haven't figured out yet? Please tell me, because I keep waiting for comment clouds to float overhead or an angel/devil situation to break out. Overall, I rate this show one stomach ache and a room that smells like farts.
  • wretched

    Can Greg Garcia only write White Trash television? My Name is Earl was brilliant. Raising Hope was fairly brilliant until a few years in when it lost it. The Millers was so painful, in spite of a first-rate cast, I could only watch half the first episode. Go back to white trash, Greg, there's nothing for you here.
  • Disfunctional Comedy

    I did watch this, and thought it was a waste of talented actors. Clueless father and manipulative mother. Spineless grown children. Fart jokes? Really? There are real issues behind the script, but they are apparently only good for cheap jokes.
  • Did not watch!

    I was offended by the clip on The Talk, so decided it was not a program I wanted to see! I don't believe it will be on for very long!
  • And you thought it couldn't get worse!!

    How this Show made it thru last season I'll never figure out, so this season they made it 33% more ridicules!
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