The Millers

CBS (ended 2014)





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    This show is really difficult to watch and I'm not quite sure why I torture myself. My best guess to the self inflicted pain is I keep sitting, waiting, wishing for this show to get better? The dialogue between the actors is slow and I feel myself wanting to slap the shit out of them to get their lines out faster. Their poorly written "need a laugh track to make it funny" lines are painful at best. The actors are talented (Arnet is hysterical but not in this show) however they are working with a bag full of poop for a script week after week. Also, what's up with filming the ceiling? Is something happening two feet above the actor's heads that I haven't figured out yet? Please tell me, because I keep waiting for comment clouds to float overhead or an angel/devil situation to break out. Overall, I rate this show one stomach ache and a room that smells like farts.