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The Mindy Project S02E14: "The Desert"

I can't decide whether I want to squeal or roll my eyes right now. 

Because ladies and gentlemen, we now have an answer to the Mindy Lahiri/Danny Castellano "Well they or won't they?" conundrum:

Yup. As the end-tag montage of "The Desert" reminded us, Danny and Mindy's relationship has evolved quite a bit since The Mindy Project first began. And it took quite a leap forward tonight when Danny—his resolve strengthened by some unexpected turbulence on his and Mindy's flight back to New York—did his best impression of one of the guys in the movies she loves so much and planted one on her just as the show signed off for a 10-week (!) hiatus.

Setting aside the fact that no flight I've ever taken between Los Angeles and New York has featured a secluded self-serve beverage center in the back galley, I'm feeling a bit conflicted about this turn of events. I love Danny Castellano, I really do. And I love the way he and Mindy spar together. Danny's practical, he's pragmatic, he's got more than a few hidden demons; Mindy is simultaneously confident and insecure, and holds all kinds of untenable romantic ideals. At the very least, they make an entertaining pair. But even though I'm a romantic at heart and like the idea of seeing The Mindy Project fulfill its rom-com destiny, I'm not sure I like where these two are headed. 

Maybe it's the fact that "The Desert" was a really strong episode with regard to Danny working through some of his daddy issues, and the kiss was an unnecessary capper. Maybe it's the fact that, with Mindy off the air until April, it felt like a cheap ploy, a desperate grab at a cliffhanger. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like I've seen this story before—not in the general trope-y sense, but in the Jessica Day/Nick Miller sense:

Basically, right now I can't tell if Mindy Kaling (who I generally revere) is hard at work on some meta rom-com master plan, or if The Mindy Project just smacked us in the face with a cliched cliffhanger. On one hand, it's not like Danny's feelings for Mindy came out of nowhere—the show has been building them up for a while now. But on the other, the timing of the kiss just feels a little too deliberate, a little too forced, a little too on-the-nose as far as a "happily ever after" is concerned. 

And so I would like to know what you think: Was the kiss a good move for The Mindy Project? Was it a mistake on a plane? Where do you think the show will pick up when it returns later this spring? Do you want to see Mindy and Danny as a couple?

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