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So now that Cliff the divorce lawyer has shown his true jealous self (and his fear of commitment at the same time!) and broke up with Mindy for hanging out with her ex, what do you think is going to happen to our heroine? Is she maybe, gasp, going to be single for a while?

Nah, probably not...


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Jan 16, 2014
Sorry, but I don't agree with the obvious Danny/Mindy endgame.
I loved Casey, (pre Haiti Casey, cos they just ruined him after Haiti). I would actually love it if Mindy and Casey got back together, provided it was the Casey from Season 1.
Cliff was kind of a jerk in that last episode. I knew they were gonna break up in that last scene, but I thought he was gonna say he had slept with someone else or something. I think the break up was a bit sudden.
Jan 16, 2014
I don't think it's an obvious endgame, but they've definitely been hinting at it. I think it would be weird for it to just go away. I don't imagine they'll stay together but I can imagine them hooking up (or almost hooking up).
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