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All My Problems Solved Forever... (Episode 2X01)

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    Okay, tonight should be the first episode of this show's second season. I don't understand how this title explains in a quick motion, but we should know what are the problems that occur right now and how did they get them solved immediately.

    Also, we all know that there should be two new cast members joining in for this season.

    I know that there is a new young woman member is joining, but I hope a cranky old man doctor character gets added in, so Beverly can gain some more relief without going to far beyond the limit.

    Please discuss this episode topic, if you want.

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    Did you watch it?! I am new to the watching Mindy train though I was admiring it from afar before I watched it. Anyways, if you're still willing to it'll be cool to have someone to discuss the show with as the forum seems to be fairly inactive.

    So full review time...

    The opening was nice as they managed to show what Mindy's been up to without being too long and drawn out. At the same time, it was also nice the way they slid in that she and Danny had been writing because that's a nice little romantic thing but it will also explain what will inevitably be their closer friendship this season. Fast Forward to the whole Mindy zipping back to New York. Although, it was a fine way for her to get back, I think that they should've done a better job of having Mindy showcase that she'd been experiencing pangs for a while so that it didn't feel as contrived. As for Danny and Mindy as a thinly veiled friendship slloooooowwwwwlllllyyyy developing into more, I think that they did a good job with the whole Danny running to the hospital, and his various emotions when being told that Mindy was engaged, going to be married, was sick etc. I think that altogether they did a good job firmly establishing Danny as the underdog-best-friend-that-everyone-should-want-the-star-to-end-up-with. That being said, I already noted elsewhere that I don't want them to end up together for awhile. At least 4 seasons in, because that way there will be plenty of time for them to grow close, plenty of near-moments, dating complications, etc. Anyways, back to the review, I don't know about the whole Dr. Reed gaining weight thing. It seems as if the writers are trying to give that character more depth but I'm just not sure if that is the right way to do it. Might've been better to have him get his heart broken or something to showcase that he has an emotionally vulnerable side of something. I don't know that was just weird. As for James Franco he was really funny, so I liked what they had him do. The only thing is that the actor looked kinda sickly...I don't know if that was on purpose or if that is just the way he is looking nowadays but I know that he usta be much hotter, so the whole "he shoulda been a model" joke was a little off for me. And as far as Tamra, I don't really know that I like her. She was good in her short stint on season 1 but right now she seems more like a token Black character than someone who should have star billing, so they need to fix that ASAP. And Beverly was actually pretty funny in this episode and the Danny/Christina relationship was also well done in that they clearly were shown as a couple that was once great together but is now irretrievably broken. I think that could've been shown more smoothly, but they still portrayed it well. And finally, Casey. Casey is a character that started out kinda charming but the way the actor plays him has become more and more obnoxious as the epis have gone on. He is very immature and extremely silly and no matter how likable he and Mindy's relationship is he is just not someone that I think anyone could see her being married to...for like the rest of forever. So, I'm glad he left and hopefully she'll dump him or they'll break up soon.

    So yeah...

    Overall, a fairly good episode with just a few gripes and it was a nice opener for anyone who's new to the show. I'd give it a B+ and can't wait til the next one...

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