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Beverly character problem

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    I know this show is supposed to be for younger adults only, but all the younger adult fans of this show, do not like Beverly, the cranky old woman, at all because she is too self-destructive and it does not fit in this show. Unfortunately, the strict old TV critics opposed that she is funnier and supposed to self-destructive at the same time and strict old TV critics strongly support her more. They critique that these two young women characters, Gwen and Shauna, don't fit at all because of these reasons:

    1.) They might look too pretty.

    2.) Their inner talents appraised the attraction of too many increasing number of 13-year-old to 19-year-old fans watching this show, causing an imbalance.

    Now it is very hard to get rid of Beverly this time because it is the only way to decrease the number of 13-year-old to 19-year-old fans watching this show, otherwise the strict old TV critics will automatically doom this show in the wrong time.

    Right now, Beverly will not appear too often in this show, especially this season, but we are still forbidden to axed her right away.

    But I keep telling this all over again that I have to insist on adding a cranky old man doctor character in this show, so Beverly can feel more relieved, make all the young adult characters be disciplined to show correct respect with two cranky old people and all the young adult fans can show surrender and make better respect to them and later on, both cranky old characters will reduced their cranky and self-destructive acting in a mild way.

    When this show returns in April, let's hurry up and fix this!

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