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Bro Club For Dudes (Episode 2X06)

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    This show is supposed to be for young adults only, but so far, the supporting cast is having problems getting along with each other. The cause is that cranky old Beverly character because she acts too self-destructive on young adults and the young adult fans don't like her because she doesn't fit in this show at all. Unfortunately, the strict old TV critics were too strongly supportive on Beverly because they want make sure that they do not attract too many 13-year-olds to 19-year-olds in one blow. Gwen and Shauna characters had to leave because they attracted too many teenage fans in that range in one blow, which causes a bad imbalance. As a result, the strict old TV critics forbid all the young adult fans to get rid of Beverly, otherwise, this show will meets its doom automatically. I'm sorry about this bad situation to be delivered to all of you young adult fans!

    I understand that the pastor Casey character was too expensive to get rid of, but actor Anders Holm, who played Casey, had to transfer to another project.

    But here's how to solve the problem:

    1.) Tonight, this episode should gain a little more strength when Mindy goes to a place of all men, this time. This tonight's episode should help with one of the guest actors that can help Tamara gain more relief. We will also help add that guest actor as a ninth member of this show.

    2.) But in the meantime, we have to hurry up look for a cranky old man doctor character to be added as tenth character for these IMPORTANT reasons!:

    * Beverly can gain more relief.

    * The cranky old man doctor can team up with Beverly to discipline all the young adult doctors to get along with each other correctly, especially on all the young men doctors!

    * This will help make all the young adults create equal peace agreements with those two cranky old people.

    3.) The pastor Casey character has to return, but it needs to played by a new and better actor ASAP!

    Let's get this show fixed and solved at the same time before it gets too late!

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