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Danny And Mindy (Episode 2X22)

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    It is very hard for this title to get solved right now, but this is the season two finale for tonight.

    We now know that Zoe Jarman, who plays Betsy Putch, will be reduced as a guest by next season, but that does not mean she is officially axed from this show. I have no doubt about adding a cranky old man doctor character to substitute Betsy for next season and here are the reasons: 1.) Make Beverly feel more relieved and 2.) Make this show gain more higher ratings and good criticism along the way.

    It has been revealed that the FOX network has been under a bad full recession this season, so all FOX shows have to adjust appraising more on both men and older people to gain more strict criticism, viewership and ratings in order to resume.

    As you know, Gwen and Shauna characters are not officially axed recently. Anna Camp, who plays Gwen, appeared in a bigger project called "Pitch Perfect" but has not been appearing in another bigger project lately afterwards. Amanda Setton, who plays Shauna, appeared in a bigger project called "The Crazy Ones" but that show is not doing well. so that means, they both will return to this show as guests also by next season.

    The fourth female character, an erratic young woman nurse, will be also added as a guest along with Betsy, Gwen and Shauna. If everything goes right, then these three, plus that fourth added one, will be included as part of the main cast once and for all.

    Tamara is returning to appear in this show, but will she be kept as part of the main cast for next season, or reduced as a guest? If Tamara is kept, then the erratic young woman nurse will still be a guest, otherwise, the erratic young woman nurse will be put on hold.

    To summarize about this topic, this show is supposed to be romantic comedy type and all characters in this show should be young adults. But unfortunately, this show and the FOX network is under a bad full urgent recession, so nothing looks perfect right now, but things will be alright next season.

    I really hope that this show gets renominated for both Teen Choice Awards 2014 and Emmy Awards of 2014. This time, this show will get display in the Teen Choice Awards airing and also gets accepted into the Emmy Awards, no excuses this time.

    Anyhow, please discuss this topic and I will return next time.

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