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Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer (Episode 2X12)

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    Sorry to be one day late, but this one was completely tough. It is supposed to help Mindy exercise a little bit both mentally and physically.

    We know Peter is annoying, but his negative weakness has been revealed and it is considered convincing. He did a good job substituting ill Jeremy, even if he wasn't that great, but at least he got fired up getting rid of Morgan's owl.

    It was funny to see Mindy breaking her right foot in the sauna accident and ended up in crutches.

    We did get some more interaction on Betsy, but Beverly still needs company on her own level. I hope Betsy breaks her right foot and ends up in crutches in the future. Tamara and Beverly could also end up in crutches, but they break their left foot instead.

    Right now, we understand that this show is not suitable for this FOX Network's recessional problem, but we are still continuing to support this show's season very strongly.

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