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Girl Crush (Episode 2X18)

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    I know I have to post these two topics two days ahead, because I have another conflict by then. But this FOX Tuesday Night concludes another big one, Glee and double Mindy Project! This last title sounds like that we need to more relationships with women! I think Tamara will like that.

    I still insist on looking forward in adding the last two characters in this show's main cast to make it ten on the final two episodes of this season:

    * An erratic young woman nurse to 1.) help save Betsy in order to get more interaction on her, 2.) to relax Peter halfway and 3.) make Tamara more balanced.

    * A cranky old man doctor to 1.) give Beverly more relief on her own company level, 2.) make all the young adult fans, who abhor Beverly to much, to surrender and respect both cranky old people at the same time and 3.) this is only way to increase more viewers and ratings in this show, which is MORE important!

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