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Magic Morgan (Episode 2X04)

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    [1]Oct 8, 2013
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    Last time, we add actor Adam Pally to play Dr. Peter Prentice and that makes it a total of eight.

    But we may need to add two more main characters to make it a total of ten, in order for both Beverly and Tamara characters to gain more relief at their own levels. Both should be men doctors.

    1.) One of them has to be a young African-American man doctor.

    2.) The other has to be a cranky old Caucasian man doctor.

    Last time, we understand that actor James Franco was too strong a guest to get eliminated, even if he played a nemesis. But I think he should come back sometime and switch from being enemy into being a friend.

    Also, we understand that the Pastor Casey character was too strong a guest to get writtened out, but actor Anders Hold, who played that character, got his acting career terminated because his behavior grew too erratic. But I think that character should come back immediately and all they need to do is look for a brand new actor played that character well and better.

    These are the requirements in order to save this show very strongly as a result:

    - Two additional men doctor characters in the main cast lineup.

    - Guest actor James Franco to return to play something respectful.

    - Pastor Casey character to return to be played by a better guest actor.

    Now in this episode, this should be all about Morgan, the lovable and awkward character, who trying to do something important and that should be more described.

    Anyhow, please discuss this topic.

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    I didn't actually like this epi that much...but if you wanna discuss we can...

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