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Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist (Episode 2X09)

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    [1]Nov 19, 2013
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    Now this episode title sounds really, very, strongly offensive. Not only it will contain bad dialogue and bad languages, you may never know that it will also contain violence.

    But so far, not only Mindy Kaling is continuing to gain more popularity, supporting actress Xosha Rushmore, who plays Tamara, is also gaining more popularity at the same time. But we still have to support this show and try to fix the supporting cast ASAP! I know there is a big winter break coming and that should be the good time to solve the problem.

    In the previous episode, Betsy, Jeremy and Tamara were absent, but Peter and Morgan are getting equal to each other. But the young adults cannot stand Beverly at all.

    Right now, please discuss this episode, anyhow.

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