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Sk8er Man (Episode 2X07)

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    We are getting more interaction with both Peter and Tamara so far, but in this episode, we might have to discuss this topic immediately.

    - This episode was moved back two weeks, but now, it has to do with some extreme skate action.

    - I know we might get more interaction with Jeremy.

    - Betsy is getting more lines so far, but after this episode, we need to get more interaction on her.

    - I know young adult fans abhor Beverly too strongly because she acts too self-destructive on all young adult characters. At least Beverly is absent in two episodes in a row, but be careful, she might return in this episode. I know we are forbidden to get rid of her otherwise this show would be in more danger. But the only solution to make Beverly relieved, is to hurry up and add a cranky old man doctor character to give her company at her own level.

    So let's keep this show pride continuing and please discuss this episode anyhow.

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