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Take me with you episode ....what do you think??

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    [1]May 16, 2013
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    this episode was a really good...but still disappointing episode, especially at the end. The Danny and Mindy moment was really good and really intense but i felt that it was too soon to dwell on it. The last episode that focused on Danny and Mindy was 2 episodes ago when they went to the conference and Mindy went to see her ex-bf Josh (the touch of hands on the plane scene). Since then they hadnt mentioned the chemistry with Danny and Mindy and then all of a sudden they put a full on intense moment btw them too...its was too soon i thought, much too soon. Dont get me wrong it was a really good moment but was too sudden. However the best thing about the scene is that Mindy's feelings are still not clear, you dont truly know whether she feels the same way or she even thinks aboutDanny in that way.

    Anoter thing, her haircut was really bad, ive watched the episode a few times now and itDOES grow on you..but the first time i saw it, i was tryna figure out if it was a wig or not. Im hoping it was.

    Imglad season two is going ahead..i really dont know whats going to happen, but i hope they focus more on the chemistry with Danny and Mindy, they make a good couple but i think the show needs to dwell on it more rather then coming back to it a few episodes later and then forgetting about it. It has many inconsistencies which kind of confuses the audience about Danny and Mindy's relationship whether there friends or more.

    overall i think this was a good episode, but the ending was rushed i think they wanted to leave season 1 on a cliffhanger but lets hope season 2 gets better. So what do you think about this episode??

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    I know what you mean about the suddenness of the scene but at the same time, I feel like it's appropriate because of the fact that they want it to be apparent that there is an awkward chemistry but they don't want to put them together too soon and ruin the show. For me, the way that Danny and Mindy's relationship is being portrayed is more realistic than what they usually do on sitcoms. It never happens in real life that every single time you're around a friend who you have chemistry with your googly-eyed. In actuality, you just have specific "moments" throughout months and sometimes even years before you realize that that Best Friend of yours is worthy of being so much more. So, I think because of the fact that, hopefully, the show will stay on for 5+ seasons they are doing a good job of taking the time to establish the reality of the confusion you feel about something like this. And also Danny is a "moment" kinda guy anyway. I don't think he's the type to openly admit something until it happens. I mean, you saw how one minute he's insulting her hair and then the next he wants to kiss her...I just thought it was more realistic and I actually liked that it happened that way.

    I actually loved the camping trip and the way Mindy and everyone was acting in the car and how Danny keeps calming them down. I also liked that they showed her realizing that she couldn't do it while in the tent. And the awkwardness at the party with B.J. Novak was really nice too, because they showed how awkward Casey and Mindy were with each other. Looking at the gum scene you just knew she'd be settling if she married this guy. The rest of the episode was just okay for me, as I don't really like Casey-he's just too much-but I really thought the scene when Mindy is talking to him from the window was cute too.

    This Episode made me really excited for the new season though.

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