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The Desert (Episode 2X14)

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    Sorry to be one day earlier, but the previous episode was considered part one. This episode is considered part two and it has to be strong enough to survive as a winter finale.

    Good thing that Casey came back, but breaking up with Cliff due to being caught in the act is another lame situation here. Cliff may have to guest appear in the later episode of this season to get saved.

    We know that actress Beth Grant, who plays the cranky old Beverly character, is not going to be appearing too often in this season, but we are still forbiddened to get rid of her, otherwise will automatically meets its doom. But we may need more on Betsy, Jeremy and Tamara characters as much as possible!

    We do have some imbalances going on in this show, especially the supporting cast, but we need to fix them up by decreasing some independencies and increasing some dependencies to create more balance. Also, we know this show was not suitable on dealing with its network's recessional problem this season: FOX Super Bowl event. But we are going to solve them when it comes back in April Fool's 2014:

    1.) The erratic young woman nurse character has to get added as a ninth member, so Betsy can be saved and more interactive, Peter can relax some more and Tamara can act more balanced.

    2.) The cranky old man doctor has to get added as a tenth and last member, so Beverly can feel more relieved and all young adult fans and characters can show correct respect on both cranky old people characters.

    So anyhow, please discuss this episode and solve these problems right away before it gets too late!

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