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The Girl Next Door (Episode 2X21)

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    Watch out Mindy, you might encounter a new female nemesis, according to this title! Who is she?

    Well so far, I understand that the "Mindy's men focus" situation may have gone too fast and that is the reason why this show's ratings are down. It has been predict that the FOX network is under a bad recession right now. Glee is having the same problem, but even worser.

    Also in this show, the supporting cast is not being completely focuses and it is still broadening too much independencies rather than chemistries. I know Betsy needs to get saved and get more interactive and I know Beverly is not appearing too much in this show, but forbiddened to leave this show officially. By next episode, we will look forward on adding two last characters in this show's main cast by next season, but we want to make sure that either one of them or both guest appear in this next episode with strong interaction.

    So please discuss this episode anyhow.

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