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    The third season begins in two weeks, but we do know what's happening right now.

    1.) First of all, many young adult fans of this show cannot stop abhorring Beverly because, even if she's considered permanent, she is considered a cranky old character acting self-destructive on young adults from the way she sounds. I know it is too hard and too difficult to get along and interact with Beverly, but the only way to solve this problem is this actress Rhea Perlman, who plays Annette, Danny's mother, will recur guest in this show and then we fight for her to get added as a ninth permanent.

    2.) Removing Betsy Putch out of the main cast is a strong problem. Betsy shows nicer interaction than Beverly, but the public became strictly serious that her interaction style is too weak and it may have gotten affected by the too quick departures of both Gwen and Shauna. I disagree, people show nicer interaction, get paid more. But we want to make sure that she does not officially leave this show and the only way to save Betsy is this actress Allison Tolman, who plays Abby Berman as Peter's girlfriend for two episodes, and then make sure she guest recurs more and then we fight for her to get added as tenth permanent.

    3.) This 15-episode order seems too threatened and it is not full-season. But we still try and add those first two women and then return for a full-season order and survive longer.

    4.) We also have two recurring guests, played by both actresses Niecy Nash and Shonda Rimes, that will start off a foes, but later on, we will see if they become comrades.

    5.) From #2 and #3, we already know the cause that FOX had a financial network collapsing incident recently and it badly affected not only on this show, but also other FOX shows, like Glee, New Girl and So You Think You Can Dance. But right now, it has been revealed that owner Rupert Murdoch already fired member Kevin O'Reilly for this mess-up incident and they are fixing all problems to get solved. Showrunners are not all the time correct and are not all the time dependent.

    How will it get solved?:

    1.) Rhea should get added because not only we can interact more both Beverly and Annette characters and this Annette character should help this show receive good criticism and increase on its ratings in order to survive longer.

    2.) Allison should get added because it is the only way to keep Betsy Putch character in its longer.

    3.) If everything goes stronger well, then this show should return for a full-season order from 15 to 22.

    4.) Finally, the FOX network will not collapse ever big again, since it does not have a Super Bowl aired this season and no Winter Olympics has been scheduled this season also.

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