The Mindy Project

Season 1 Episode 15

Mindy's Minute

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 2013 on Hulu

Episode Recap

While riding together in a cab, Mindy and Danny view the taxi cab TV advertisement in which Mindy is dressed as a dog and uses a sock puppet to provide medical advice to women. The ad is a disaster until local news producers learn Mindy has a high "pity rating" with viewers and invite her to do a medical segment. Drs. Reed and Castellano are on board with this idea since the practice has lost patients to the midwives as a result of their own commercial featuring Maria Menounos. Meanwhile Mindy struggles with a patient who she doesn't like because the patient both constantly thinks something is wrong with herself and/or her baby and is sarcastic - Mindy cannot determine when to take the patient seriously. And the previously fired employee Beverly returns to the practice as the result of a threatened ageism lawsuit. Beverly struggles with computers, email, and youth culture but the rest of the office staff help her.

Mindy plans to use her sock puppet, Ericka, during the local news segment, but Dr. Castellano talks her out of it. Danny helps Mindy prepare for the segment and accompanies her to the news station. But before she can go on air, Mindy receives a phone call from her hypochondriac patient. Mindy tries to ignore the call, but in the end decides to go to the hospital to be with her patient. Although the patient is fine, she doesn't want to be alone and so Mindy stays with her rather than returning to the news station for the medical segment.

Because Mindy doesn't return, Danny has to do the segment. He drops his model of the female reproductive system, says the word "vagina" repeatedly, sweats profusely, and generally panics. In the elevator the next day, Danny and Mindy see one of the midwives, who comments on the news segment. Mindy sticks up for Danny, and brushes off the midwife when he asks why she isn't returning his calls.

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