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  • This is Stupid

    This show replace every last Old Disney Channel show and we have to leave them behind! I do not like this!
  • Thank You Hulu

    no not cancel ;)

    Mindy funny girl, lol
  • Best cast and comedy on TV!

    It's so great to tune every week to watch The Mindy Project. The amazing cast and hilarious script make it something it something that I look forward to every week!! Definitely will be waiting for a 4th season!! Thank you Mindy Kaling!

  • Best show on TV!

    The funniest show ever! Love it! It has got to be the best show on tv right now. I didn't think anything would come close to filling the space left after Steve Carrell left The Office, but this has done it. All of the characters are so well done, I want to high-five my tv. Thank you Mindy!
  • My obsession with TMP might require an intervention :-)

    I'm sooooo in love with this show and Mindy Kaling, I can't stand it! I'm truly obsessed and watch an episode (or 5) on PVR EVERY DAY until the next episode is aired. Never have I been so in love with a show or it's characters (and in real life too)...... it's kind of scaring me. LOL

    Mindy, thank you for the spectacular writing, awesome entertainment and the delicious male eye-candy in every episode <3 . Your style rocks - on and off the show!
  • I want to be pals with Mindy Kaling

    Just close your eyes and imagine going out for some ice cream with Mindy Kaling. If your heart doesn't soar, then you are dead inside.

    I love her. I love this show. I love ice cream.
  • Love It

    So, I'm not sure why there hasn't been attention paid to the fact that this season of The Mindy Project is exponentially funnier than this season of New Girl. Mindy Kaling > Zooey Daschenel all day, everyday
  • I so love the twist !!!!

    I can't wait till April why does it have to end in this episode?!!! I'm so looking forward of Danny and Mindys' love story!!!! love them both!!!

    This show is LIFE! gosh I love it soo much. I look forward to Tuesday's because of it. Mindy is an amazing writer and actor. If I had to watch one TV show in 2014, this would be it!
  • When it's good, it's great

    The Mindy Project, just like its main character, it's not without flaws. The characters are sometimes over the top, the situations occasionally unbelievable and some plots seem to serve only as a device for Mindy Kaling to pretend date a bunch of really hot men. However when the show is good, it's just really great. I love the chemistry between Mindy and Danny and the Christmas party episode made me root for them as a couple almost as much as I did for Nick and Jess mid second season of New Girl.

    And from time to time we get served real gems like Chis Messina doing the Try Again dance routine (one of the funniest tv moments of 2013) that make me want to watch more and more.


    mindy makes me wish i took OB/GYN in college instead of mass comm.
  • Love it --- A Must Watch

    I am officially in love!!! This show is absolutely hilarious and refreshing! I dont understand why this site continues to dump on it but give New Girl great compliments. But whatever, that why I love coming to this page just to read the great comments left by other fans of the show. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I truly hope they get picked up for another season, if not 2 more! :)

    Also, if you are as much of a fan of the character Morgan, I would suggest checking out The Morgan Project on youtube! You will not be sorry :)
  • I love it!

    One of the best shows on TV!
  • Mindy is Hilarious

    The show is great great comedy.
  • This show surprised me!

    I wasn't expecting it to be as funny and sharp as it is. I don't know why, seeing as I loved Mindy in The Office and thought Kelly K as a character was hilarious. I totally identify with Mindy in this show however, I'm a chick in my early 30's so that could be why. I also love Chris Messina's character, and Morgan the nurse, I died when I realized he was the Russian baseball player in Eastbound and Down last season. So great. Watch it!

    Love it! I had seen a few episodes in passing but eventually decided to watch it all. Really good show. One of the few shows that has made me laugh out loud. Danny is amazing! I love him so much!
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I can't believe I waited so long to watch this show. I just so happen to watch the pilot online and was curious about Ep. 2, and now I'm hooked. I can't wait for the next season to start.
  • My new fave!

    The best show on tv at the moment! Mindy is hilarious, I literally laugh out loud watching it. Most of the characters are strong (with the exception of the strange old woman beverly). I really like the love hate relationship between mindy and danny, but I do love Casey as well. Really glad this has been renewed for a second season- looking forward to it!
  • Why isn't this show reviewed?? So good.

    I love this show, and I think it deserves a reviewer. C'mon, whadya say??
  • BAD actress and BAD show

    Pathetic actress and show..
  • Not Funny!

    I had really high hopes for the Mindy Project. I wanted it to be funny, but as subsequent episodes progressed, it became less and less amusing. It's like Bridget Jones sans humor. I'm less invested

    in Dr. Lahiri (Mindy Kaling's) character.

    I think sometimes it is easier to watch a bad drama than a bad comedy such as The Mindy

    Project. That scene where she falls in the shower at her boyfriend's apartment (the male midwife)

    was just too painful to watch. Mindy Kaling has no comedy acting chops, especially in slapstick

    comedy. The show will I feel get cancelled. No more Mindy and that annoying voice. Hurray.
  • this show is so bad.

    There is NOTHING about this show that makes me want to watch it again.

    It's not funny AT ALL.

    Dull and no one in the cast is appealing.

    Cancel this please
  • More, more more Mindy!

    I can't get enough of Mindy. She's funny, she's vulnerable, she's genuinely caring and a great dreamer. The show seems to really be finding its footing and I believe it should switch time slots with New Girl. Given time, FOX will realize the gem in the line-up is Mindy.
  • Just another throwaway sitcom..

    Once again, Fox Network has scraped the bottom of the originality barrel & gave us this bland porridge of a show, The Mindy Project.

    Just what is this show about really? It just a medical sitcom that's been hijacked by someone who was inspired by the now-defunct comic strip "Cathy".

    This show has nothing going for it. And the lead star, Mindy Kaling is trying desperately to out-overexpose herself against Jennifer Anniston, another overexposed "star".

    Forget this quackery, you're better off watching Showtime's far superior, dark-humored medical series, Nurse Jackie.
  • So far, so good...

    This show is becoming a classic so far, all it needs to do is strengthen a little bit more on the image and connections. The jokes are okay, even if they are considered clumsy. Mindy and Betsy are the hottest women characters in this show. They need to bring back both Gwen and Shauna in this show and prevent that horrible old woman character from returning!
  • Not bad, But not great.

    Perfect name for the show considering it feels like an experiment to see what would happen if The Office's Kelly Kapoor was an OB/GYN and pretty much ignored the career. this seems to be her one character and it'll be hard to build a successful career on just that.

    It has some funny moments but Mindy Kaling just can't be the centerpoint of a show. it's amusing at times but more often than not, it feels like a lazy generic attempt at humor with cardboard cut out stereotypical sitcom characters. Personally, I think her time would have been better spent finishing that last season of the Office and giving this some more prep time before launch.
  • Represents intelligent women of today's generation

    For me, a PhD in her early 30s, the show completely resonates with me. I think Mindy's character reflects many women today - intelligent and professionally successful, but still trying to find their footing in their personal lives. I find the honest and candid situations and humor to be refreshing - Mindy shows her imperfections in an unashamed way that makes other women who relate to her feel normal.
  • A funny ADULT show.

    First, I would hate if this was my daughter her moral compass is way off. With that said, this is an adult comedy with some good writing. Mindy does a great job as a lead in a show. The opening scene was hilarious. There were other funny moments in the show as well. However, I'm conflicted her her sense of whats right and wrong.
  • Soon...

    This show is on the chopping block. I can't stand Mindy Kaling. This show is a bottle of urine on its best day, and the people who think it's watchable are drinking it all down.

    Luckily, the rest of the world has a brain, most notably one of the few execs in charge up there at FOX (who knew? a FOX exec with a brain?) and this will come to an abrupt halt, only to be replaced with more crap... but at least we'll be rid of this nonsense.
  • Sweet and hilarious.

    TV is blessed with a ton of good comedies these days - the Mindy Project might not be the most stellar one, but it's definitely got heart, a selection of hilarious characters, and a very relatable, awesome female lead who absolutely carries the show. A lot of us single girls would love to deliver the sorts of zingers Mindy does on a regular basis...

    It's a show that brightens up my week and occasionally reaches absolute hilarity. I hope it sticks around for a long time, because I feel like it's only now hitting its stride.