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The Minikins

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The Minikins is a children's fantasy adventure series co-produced by Madison Pacific Films in Canada and Wagner-Hallig Films in Germany, the latter of which produced the translated version: Die Minikinis. The series is set on a tropical island where Paul Herman (Ty Haller), an architect, is assigned the task of creating a large hotel complex. However, the island is inhabited by diminutive humans, known as the Minikins, replete with their miniature houses and high-pitched voices. In an attempt to save their island, the Minikins shrink Paul to their own size to see the island world through Minikin eyes. The series features the many adventures that ensue, including the trials and tribulations of Minikins Albi, (Ian Tracey), Dido (Jan Riddell) and Pincus (Ted Stidder) to gain the trust of the Herman family. Cathryn Balk and Fiona Brody star in the family roles of Anna and Trudi Herman. The Canadian series was released in 1981 and distributed across Europe.