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  • Why The Negative Comment About Barbados in One of Your Episodes??????

    Was enjoying the episode until the part where the 'patient' had recently got a tattoo.... it was said to have been 'applied with a dirty laser needle in a parlour in are there no dirty needles in the American Samoa? New York? Hawaii? Did you take one look at Rihanna and decided that Barbadians are prone to tattoos, so we must be rampant with unhygienic tattoo parlours?

    The thing is, Barbadians, on a ,are very reserved; you would seldom see a Barbadian with a tattoo or meet one with an urge to have one. So finding a tattoo parlour in Barbados, dirty or otherwise, is rare.

  • Jordana Spiro was the reason I watched The Mob Doctor!

    Jordana Spiro was so pleasant to watch on this show that I was able to ignore some of the violence!

    I did not like the idea of the show, but I recorded all of them and once I saw Jordana Spiro I was hooked and watched every one of them!

    This is a GREAT show I HOPE THEY DON"T CANCEL it!!
  • love it!!!

    i cant believe how much i ended up liking MOB DOCTOR. . . . i watched the first couple of shows and really wasnt as interested as the other shows i watch, then i had a day i wasnt doing anything and watched all the shows recorded on my dvr.... i fell in love with the characters and was excited to keep watching!!! i cant wait to see what happens next season!!!
  • Canceled - why ?

    Perfect Mafia Show !!!
  • Canceled?

    I hope they did not cancel this show.
  • Greatest new crime/medical show!!!

    Great story line, characters compliment each other and all around great NEW show. Hope the rumors that it has been dropped are NOT true!!
  • The Mod Doctor.... I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE this show!!!!! I wish they where making more!!!! :(
  • When the going gets good, the good get cancelled!

    Typical! It just got better and better with time and has now ended with a really good final episode. Now you want more!
  • Please don' t Cancel

    One of my favorite shows on tv. Why is it that as soon as I get interested in a show cancellation occurs.
  • Mob Doctor

    I Love This Program! It's Getting Better All The Time! William Forsythe Roll As Mob Boss Is Good! So Good, It Reminds Me Of The Sopranos!
  • Love this show

    This show why they cancelled it?
  • I love this show!

    I was afraid there would be nothing besides Bones to watch on Fox when House ended its run.... But I was wrong. I love the actors and I love the story line.
  • Mob Doctor

    New from FOX and directed by Ken Olin (who directed and produced hits such as The West Wing, Felicity, Judging Amy, Freaks and Geeks, Thirtysomething, and the popular but short-lived EZ Streets). and starring Jordana Spiro (My boys, Harry's Law) comes a Monday night offering which is most definitely not your grand-mother's Marcus Welby or your Dad's ER or even our recently departed and much beloved House, MD! This show is a whole new take on a (M)edical (D)rama which happens to have as much (M)achetes and (D)ynamite as it does (M)edicine and (D)octors.

    Seems an Odd combination for sure but it's just a normal day in the life of Dr. Grace Devlin, a talented cardiothoracic surgery resident in a prominent Chicago hospital who just happens to owe a big debt to local mob boss, "Constatine". (played very convincingly by William Forsythe).

    The show has been met with a mixture of reviews ranging from okay, mediocre to down-right awful with a collective score of 42/100 from Metacritic which is a shame because it really is a good show.
  • Underrated show

    The Mob Doctor before it aired i was excited to check it out since Jordana Spiro was part of it, but from the trailers i thought it was gonna get cancelled right away, and boy was i wrong. It was unexpectedly good, the story line i've enjoyed since its not your normal med show with so many lovey dovey scenes. the acting is good no complains. i do admit it could be a little better but that's no reason for it to be cancelled...
  • Only the good die young

    A incredibly underrated show. Well acted, great premise. It was starting to really get interesting.

    To bad the put it where they did on the schedule it could have been a great show if it was given a decent time slot.
  • Oh god, are all US heroines cut from the same cloth?

    Am I the only person absolutely fed up with watching gorgeous stick thin 110 pound women (with larger breasts than you would expect on someone this size) with flawless long thick loose curls and luminous skin strolling about in 4 inch heels (always amusing when its a doctor or lawyer - god their feet must hurt) as they fight crime/injustice/sew up arteries/save the day in court...blah blah blah.

    Is it possible for US TV shows to cast anyone that vaguely resembles a normal female human being? Of course, if you are a dude you can look like a fat, ugly ape and thats OK. But all females have to be under 25, under 110 pounds and have perfect features.

    Spare me.

    Oh and the premise of this show, while I applaud it for originality, is pretty thin. And the main character is very annoying and the uncompromising/against everyone/darkly unique else persona has been done to death...
  • Awsome

    Love it ...Whats with the month break on episodes? .. strange but very entertaining.
  • Awesome

    I really love this show. I hope they continue with it. I can't wait for more episodes. The Moretti character is my favorite. I can't wait to see how his plans unfold. I was totally shocked to see him turn up alive in the last episode. Michael Rapaport is attractive and intriguing. He plays the part really well. I love the gutsy yet vunerable makeup of the Grace character.

    I had really high hopes for this but it feels really fragmented to me. I understand the basis (she gets caught working for the mob to save her brother) but she is all over the place; asking cooperation from a nurse so she can use a dead mans name in order to get tests on a mob guy done, etc. and flying all over the place to the degree that so far I am not sure I have actually seen her treat a patient at the hospital to any length.

    I will give it a couple of weeks more in the hopes that it improves and gets on track but that is about it.
  • Blown away by this no-bullshitting doctor!

    I just finished watching the pilot and despite not being that excited about this show from the start, I was blown away!

    Grace is a tough, competent doctor with good morals. She doesn't take any crap from anyone, whether it's her boss at work or a mob boss threatening the life of the people she loves.

    This show is very well written and it keeps surprising me with how innovative it is, and how it avoids all the typical clichs!