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ABC (ended 1973)

Pete and Julie

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    [1]Mar 24, 2008
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    Did anyone sense the 'tension' between Julie and Pete? I am so happy to be able to view these episodes again, but I wonder if they ever really spoke of their 'love' for each other. I always wanted that to happen when I was I am like 'come on....i can feel it when they look at each other'.

    Yes, I am a sucker for this show. Michael Cole and my cousin were best friends in High School and after, so I met him and he was around a lot. I was little, so of course, nothing but a HUGE crush.

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    [2]Apr 21, 2008
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    I agree with you.... I first saw the show when I was very little and I fell in love with Michael Cole, I thought he was so handsome! and I though that Julie and Pete looked beautiful together and that they had feelings for each other. Now that I've been able to see the show again I think they had such great chemistry together. There are definitely some scenes on the show were you can see that they were hot for each other but is sad that nothing ever happened between them.
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    [3]Jun 30, 2008
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    I for one am glad that they didn't have a thing. Nothing ruins a show for me than when the characters hookup. It is the tension that keeps you interested. Beside, I don't think that she treated Pete any different than she did Linc. The idea of the show was that even though they were from different aspects of society they were young people who turned to a life of crime for different reasons or maybe the same reason, to survive. With the help of a cop they left that life and found each other. They found the familial affection and support they needed, but didn't receive from their biological familys.
    If I sound like a troll, sorry.
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    Nothing happened between Pete & Julie unfortunately. The reunion TV movie was sort of depressing IMO, especially as far as Pete is concerned. Julie seems to be the happiest of the 3 followed by Linc. Pete seemed unhappy running his late fathers company and was divorced, because he now wanted kids and his ex didn't.

    I was also disappointed that Julie & the Captain didn't keep in touch, I always got the sense that they had more of a father/daughter type relationship.

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