The Mod Squad

ABC (ended 1973)





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  • great show for all ages!

    During my teen years, I used to be fan of MOD SQUAD and I thought that it is the coolest TV series around. The story evolves in the three main characters with their in their adolescence stage, eagerness, passion in fighting crime. These are the young ones who got themselves caught up in trouble with the law and eventually helped others in the same situation. I was amazed by their stylish counter-culture attires and the entire scripts of this show. It's in the 60s era and I find it very cool! Thankfully, I found one at memorylanedvd .com which produced a great copy of this show. I received DVDs with such amazing quality. I highly recommend the Mod Squad, it's simply a quality show, enjoyable for all ages.
  • The Mod Squad were three troubled kids who dropped out of society and had a run-in with the law. All three were on probation when approached by Captain Adam Greer to form a special squad to infiltrate the counter-culture and catch adult crime-lords w

    One Black, One White, One Blonde: The series had a cool trademark ending: a crane / helicopter shot panning away from the Mod Squad and freezing. The music to the show was also brilliantly chosen. Hammond organ music was synonymous with nightclubs and acid parties, the show's soundtracks featured this instrument predominantly, keeping things groovy.