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  • What can I say?

    What can I say? During its first three seasons, the Mole used to be my favourite show. Every week my family and I would tune in and we would try and figure out who the mole was. Sometimes we wouldn't figure it out until the last episode and even then we might be completely stumped, and surprised by the outcome. And also as the show's host, Grant Bowler was perfect.

    I waited eagerly for the fourth season of the show, with high expectations, and when the show finally began to air again, my expectations were shattered.

    Grant was gone, replaced by Tom Williams, who did an okay job of hosting, but can't compare to Grant, because, well, he just can't compare. Besides the host being replaced, the show it's self had been changed. The contestants still completed every challenge for money that the winner would receive at seasons' end, while the mole, tried their best to sabotage these efforts. It was the change at the end of the show I didn't like. At the end of every week, a live elimination took place in a studio. A live elimination?!?!? Why? What's the point? It's not like people are calling in to vote these people off…

    Anyway, my family and I didn't like the fact that the show, in our own words, had been "Americanised". Because of these changes, the show as a whole seemed so different. The show just wasn’t the same show I had fallen in love with in prior seasons. I was disappointed and still am.
  • The Mole: The Amazing Game is agame where 10 contestants compete in Challenges to win up to $500,000. In the Australian version Tom Willams (The Great Outdoors) hosts this show.

    This show is fab, it one of my favourite shows of all time. The contestants- John, Juan, Liz, Nat, Kristy, Liane, Brett, Craig, Mark and Heidi did a great job to find the mole.Here are the results according to the last episode.

    Mole- John
    Winner- Liz
    Runner Up- Craig

    More infomation can be found on
  • Who is the Mole??? It's an amazing game of wits, betayal and skill to figure out who the Mole is.....Who the Trator is....

    I felt that this seasons was good but I think they could have done the eliminations a bit better and the host. The random think is they basically tell you who the Mole is but in a very complicated code that NO one is going to figure out.....the good thing is that every episode you think you know who the Mole is but its a sudden shock when you find out that he/she wasn't the Mole when they get eliminated. There was alot of danger in the air and different sides with people who hated the other side. I enjoyed this season cuase they had no random sudden twists. I was amazingly surprised when John was the Mole. So was my family.
  • Could do better with the old host and the elimination of new production values. The Mole has sold out. Take away the new host, the new 'live eliminations', and you get a great show.

    Grant was an excellent host: dark, mysterious, edgy. The new host is basically Aussie-Hollywood imperfection. He's the kind of bloke you'd have beers with after the footy, not the kind of guy who makes you fear and anticipate every move from the mole.
    The eliminations are a joke. They are dragging out the two challenges over a week (the old series were very fast), meaning the mole only have to be 'the mole' 2/7 days. But moreso on the topic of live eliminations, they are terrible. The host jokes around, there is no pressure. It's crap. in fact, the elimination takes up 10 mins of the 45 or so mins of footage on the show. That's almost a quarter!
    However...admittedly, the concept of the mole is a lot of fun (even though deep down you know that the camera will definatelly aim to fool the viewers in leading them down the wrong track).
    Take away the new host, the new 'live eliminations', and you get a great show.
  • I began watching the Mole a couple of years ago and then stopped watching it for a while, but this new show is getting my hopes back. It's good.

    It's more exciting than the first show that I watched and the it may be little more challenging. I really enjoyed watching the challenges in the cave on tonights episode. But if craig is claustraphobic, I'll eat my hat. Being a pilot he'd be in a confined space all of the time. Anyway, that was what hooked me tonight.
  • It's Back

    The mole has returned to our screens after being off air for some time now. The mole is a reality show where one on the contestants is a Mole who is trying to make the team lose.. Each week the contestants have to answer a series of questions about the identity of the mole. The Person with the lowest score is eliminated. Each task is worth a set amount of money. The last real contestant standing wins the entire cash pool up to $ 500000. The challenges are physical, mental tests and endurance. Hopefully the new host will be good for the show. And hope it rates well or otherwise it be on at Midnight.
  • Basicly the Same as The Mole Season 1 different people which is not a bad thing the concept is still good..

    The Mole when I first watched this show i thought wow they play the coolest challenges they where all things that look so cool. That with the whole idea that one of the players was a Mole made it so intriguing. Trying to figure out who was the mole really got everybody guessing who the Mole was Even the people watching the show. It was a great experience and really wish to see it again soon. But at lease it went a few seasons