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  • What can I say?

    What can I say? During its first three seasons, the Mole used to be my favourite show. Every week my family and I would tune in and we would try and figure out who the mole was. Sometimes we wouldn't figure it out until the last episode and even then we might be completely stumped, and surprised by the outcome. And also as the show's host, Grant Bowler was perfect.

    I waited eagerly for the fourth season of the show, with high expectations, and when the show finally began to air again, my expectations were shattered.

    Grant was gone, replaced by Tom Williams, who did an okay job of hosting, but can't compare to Grant, because, well, he just can't compare. Besides the host being replaced, the show it's self had been changed. The contestants still completed every challenge for money that the winner would receive at seasons' end, while the mole, tried their best to sabotage these efforts. It was the change at the end of the show I didn't like. At the end of every week, a live elimination took place in a studio. A live elimination?!?!? Why? What's the point? It's not like people are calling in to vote these people off…

    Anyway, my family and I didn't like the fact that the show, in our own words, had been "Americanised". Because of these changes, the show as a whole seemed so different. The show just wasn’t the same show I had fallen in love with in prior seasons. I was disappointed and still am.