The Mole Concept

TVO (ended 1983)


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The Mole Concept

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Traditionally, chemistry classes will flat-out tell students that a "mole" is a volume containing 6.02 times ten to the twenty-third power atoms or molecules. But just how did chemists reach that figure in the first place? That's what The Mole Concept is all about. The Mole Concept was the first series in a TVO Concepts in Science Project that would reach seventeen series. (Some of the behind-the-scenes men behind The Mole Concept and later Concepts in Science shows had teamed up in the TVO series Landscape of Geometry. It was natural that the clever animation and music on that show would branch out into TVO's other projects.) The eMole Concept starts with one basic question: how do we compare different types of atoms? One obvious comparison is their mass, but just how do we do so? From there, analogies produce the one clever answer: mass equal numbers of atoms and get their relative mass. But it's still a tall order. Yet this series shows how the tall order was filled.moreless