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Fifth Season: The Mole 3.0 The Mole, the "smartest reality show ever," returned to ABC on June 2, 2008. This is the fifth run of the program and the first time the program has produced new content in over four years. The program returned with its third batch of regular, non-celebrity contestants who are trying to win up to $500,000 by avoiding the machinations of a saboteur in their midst. The show has a new host -- Jon Kelley (ex-anchor of Extra) and features new challenges, locations and an exciting new interactive element on the official website. Stone & Company (formerly Stone Stanley) continues to produce the series. The new season has been picked up for ten episodes, with twelve contestants. The return of the program was generally greeted warmly by both fans and critics. Unfortunately, the show fared extremely poorly in the ratings and will not be returning again. Past Seasons: Celebrity Mole: Yucatan Yucatan, Mexico was the home of the second celebrity edition of ABC's reality series, The Mole. Eight celebrities: six new and two returning from the previous celebrity edition are competing for a pot of $250,000, which can be earned by successfully completing challenges. One of the celebrities, however, is the mole, a double agent hired by the program to secretly sabotage the games. At the end of each episode, the celebrities take The Quiz - ten questions regarding the mole. This knowledge is important because the celebrity that scores the lowest on the quiz is executed and sent back to their previous show business existence immediately. The celebrity left standing at the end of the game that isn't the mole and scores the highest on the final quiz takes home all of the money in the pot. Can you figure out which celebrity is the mole? Celebrity Mole Yucatan won an Emmy in 2004 for Outstanding Achievement for Enhanced Television. "Celebrity Mole: Yucatan" came to an end and ABC declined to renew the series for a fifth season -- until 2008 (see above!) Check the guide to learn all about past seasons. Celebrity Mole: Hawaii - The first celebrity edition of the series. Anderson Cooper has left to pursue television news, so Ahmad Rashad, known for his work as the host of RealTV, takes over hosting duties. Seven celebrities come to Hawaii, where they face challenges designed to test their mettle and maybe even disprove traditional notions about celebrities. One of them, however, is the mole, a secret agent hired by ABC to try to secretly sabotage the games. Celebrity Mole: Hawaii ran in January and February 2003. Season Two: The Next Betrayal - A group of strangers, working together to earn up to $1 million, that in the end only one of them will win. One of these players is the mole, a double agent we hired, working for us against the other 13. At the end of each episode, the players take the quiz, ten questions about the mole. The quiz determines who stays and who goes because the player who scores the lowest on the quiz is executed and sent home immediately. Up to $1 million hinges on discovering who is the mole. - Anderson Cooper's introduction. The Next Betrayal began in September 2001, but after airing only three episodes, it was placed on "hiatus" by ABC. Its original broadcast run finally ended in August of 2002. Season One: A Saboteur - The first season of the program introduced viewers to this brilliant program, which was hailed by MENSA as the "smartest show on television." There were only ten players in this series, but as always, one winner and one mole. This edition ran in January and February 2001. On March 16th, 2004, cable/satellite's GSN (formerly Game Show Network) began showing repeats of The Mole. The fun began with "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" and continued with the first season, "A Saboteur." Unfortunately, GSN did not continue airing the program. Instead, you may now catch repeats at various times (watch listings for special marathons and other airings) on FOX Reality.moreless

    ABC's summer: chock full o' reality

  • Ahmad Rashad

    Ahmad Rashad

    Host (Celebrity Editions)

    Anderson Cooper

    Anderson Cooper

    Host of Seasons 1 & 2 (2001- 2002)

    Michael Boatman

    Michael Boatman

    Himself - 4th Executed (Celebrity Mole: Hawaii)

    Ali Gorman

    Ali Gorman

    Herself - 2nd Executed (Season Two)

    Heather Cambell

    Heather Cambell

    Herself - Runner-Up (Season Two)

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