The Mole

Season 3 Episode 1

Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Premiere

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2003 on ABC

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  • Originally appeared at TV Tome. 7 B-List celebrities, one mole, but it's not as bad as you'd think.

    The following was originally posted at the original TV Tome:

    It's the first episode of ABC's new experiment, Celebrity Mole. I come in skeptical. The Mole is the best reality show on television. It doesn't need any of this lame celebrity stuff to make it a good show. Let's just keep what makes the show great. Well, let's see how it goes anyway.

    The seven celebrities are, in no particular order Kim Coles (who?), Stephen Baldwin, Erik Von Detten (the pretty face), Corbin Bernsen, Frederique Van Der Wal (the hottie), Michael Boatman and Kathy Griffin. Let's take a look at the games:

    Well, the celebrities are immediately impressed that just because this is Celebrity Mole doesn't mean there's going to be "easy fakey, half-games." The first involves rapelling down a waterfall and filling up buckets of water. The trick is, while one does this, the other contestant are handling the rappel and the one rapelling has to tell them which way to go. Overall, they do pretty well, although there's something really weird going on with Frederique saying that she needs more "lead way." Um, Frederique? It's leeway.

    The other big game is a sheep-herding game. It's not ordinary sheep-herding though, there's a trick involved: the sheep are draped with playing cards. Ahmad, the host, deals himself a hand and the teams have to try to "wrangle up" a total that's higher than his hand. It's $5,000 for each team that does it. There's a twist to the game too: after making $15,000, Stephen is offered a chance to double it and get an exemption, or lose it all if he fails. He tries and wins. Nice work.

    The first execution is Kim Coles and again, who? Right now, I think Michael is the mole, just because he seems most suspicious.

    Executed: Kim Coles
    Pot Total: $50,000