The Mole

Season 3 Episode 2

Departure #2

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2003 on ABC

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome. Overall, some fun games, but a bit of oddness at one point. An excellent execution.

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    Time for the second episode of the six episode run. So far, only one down: Kim Coles and when we end, only three are going to be left, with one winner, one loser and one mole. In this episode, the players try to see what they know about each other and a really cool game involving a graveyard and a submarine.

    So, in the first game, the contestants are all given various tasks to do. Kathy and Frederique are "short-order cooks" while Stephen and Corbin are "flight attendants" and Michael and Erik are "lifeguards." So let's see: cooking up food, serving up food and saving lives. Except not. This is The Mole. Kathy and Frederique have to walk on hot coals, Stephen and Corbin have to take a ride in a fast plane and Michael and Erik are doing some cliff-diving. Surprisingly (well, not surprisingly to me because I think he's the mole), Michael is the only one who doesn't complete his task. But everyone thought he would and so they lose money, since the object of the game is to guess what everyone else would do. However, most of the other predictions are on the money and so they earn quite a bit for the pot. The other main thing of interest is that Corbin doesn't have to jump out of the plane due to some sort of atmospheric conditions. But instead of making him do something else, they just ask everyone if they thought he would have done it and they say yes. So they get the money. Lame!

    Now, for one of my favorite games of the whole season, which they didn't even win. There's a lot going on in this one. Kathy and Erik are at a graveyard, where they have to dig up caskets marked with the names of celebrities whose characters died in movies, based on clues in a game of charades. There's a neat shoutout to former host Anderson Cooper here, one of the graves has his name. Anyway, they lose the game here because they unearth four of the five caskets, but the money happens to be in the one they didn't find. What's weird is that Erik dug up that casket by accident and saw that there was just bones in it, yet he passes up a chance for a free $10,000. Is he trying to act like the mole?

    The execution sends Stephen packing and thank goodness. He's kinda funny, but there's only so much one can take of him. So long, Stephen!