The Mole

Season 3 Episode 3

Departure #3

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2003 on ABC

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome. A so-so episode of the show, but with some memorable moments. Also includes the famous scene with the hot pepper mice.

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    Well, here we go. We're at the halfway point here. After this episode, only three episodes left of ABC's Celebrity Mole: Hawaii run. Let's get right into it! Tonight we get to see raft building and the memorable, if not exactly exciting "Looky, Looky, Hot Pepper" challenge.

    The first challenge is the raft building challenge. Corbin is appointed to lead a team in building a raft, while Erik has to serve drinks. Of course, though, this is The Mole. You don't think it's going to be that simple, do you? So, basically, the deal is that Erik is given an opportunity to get an exemption if he sabotages the pot. But it's not that easy either. In order to that exemption, he needs to rent a kayak and in order to rent that kayak, he needs $15. So that's why Anderson hands him a metal detector. Oh, and Stephen shows up as a Cabana Boy and Erik gets him to count his quarters. Now, here's what surprises me: Erik manages to those quarters and earn his exemption. But then Ahmad offers him another deal: he'll double the amount earned for the challenge from $30,000 to $60,000 if Erik chooses to give up the exemption. Erik does it and reports it to the group. Everyone has varying degrees of suspicion about it, but to me, it shows that he's not the mole. The mole is supposed to be working to get money out of the pot and $60,000 is just too much, even if they're trying to look like they're not the mole.

    The other big game in this episode is "Looky, Looky, Hot Pepper." Personally, I found this game rather boring and lame. The idea was that the celebrities had to eat hot peppers, ranging in heat levels from 1 (coolest) to 6 very hot. In order to determine the heat level, they would pick a mouse, who would then be let out of its holding area and run to one of the six peppers. Basically, everyone performed very well, with Corbin being a standout, eating hot peppers when others weren't. The only gripe was that he ate more than he needed to, forcing him to spend $1,000 on a glass of milk. The only bad performer was Frederique. She refused to eat any of the hot peppers and even turned one down when Ahmad offered a special bonus if everyone would eat a particular one, which actually turned out to be a "cherry pepper," not hot at all. But, oh well. Maybe she just doesn't like peppers.

    The execution wasn't really any big surprise, although it was interesting how it went down to the last name, meaning that Corbin already knew he was executed before his name was entered into the computer. His execution leaves Michael, Kathy, Erik and Frederique in the game.

    Overall, a so-so episode, but with some memorable moments. More to come next week, including a big surprise!