The Mole

Season 4 Episode 3

Departure #3

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2004 on ABC

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome --- Free Money! Get Your Free Money! "Shocking Execution!" See a "Shocking Execution!" (And Other Lame Carney Pitches)

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    So here we are again. This episode seems to be pretty popular, but to be honest, I didn't really like it. I thought that overall the games were pretty lame and especially the first one designed basically just to throw free money in the pot. I can understand that, but if they hadn't done the stupid stuff before with the game that took money out of the pot, then they wouldn't have to do that. Also, once again they had Ahmad promoting a "shocking execution," which pretty much gave it away. You'd think they would have learned their lesson last week.

    Analysis of the Games:

    Clucks For Bucks

    This is the requisite game in which the contestants muck about with animals in the hope of adding money to the pot. As Ahmad said, it was hopelessly easy and yet they still managed to screw it up somewhat anyway. Suspicious behavior includes the turning of more than one hat at a time and possibly the six/nine dilemma, although I think that was a genuine mistake. Otherwise, the only other thing to look at is really generally lazy behavior. Good job to the celebrities I guess for getting most of the chickens and all of the super-chickens.

    Wrestler Mariachi Maze

    This game takes us to the Ruins of Tulum for a classic Mole-style game, in which the players have to run a maze while avoiding wrestlers Jaimar the Brute and Carlos the Jackal, using mariachi music to guide them. I actually thought this game was a lot better than "Clucks For Bucks," it's just too bad the celebrities didn't do so well. First, we have Angie and Dennis. Now I already don't think that Angie is the mole amd so in usual fashion she doesn't tell him to get a belt at first. Personally, I think that was really on Dennis though because Ahmad did say that you have to get a belt, so I don't really take much pity on him for his whining saying that nobody said you had to get the belt and I think it was actually a really moley move. I thought Tracey did surprisingly well in the game considering all of Stephen's "double-talk," as she stated. Finally, Mark was awesome. One thing I didn't get was at the end when Ahmad told them they could check their belts for exemptions, but at a cost. He didn't say they had to both open them at the same time, so I think a smarter move would have been for one of them to open, see if there was an exemption and if not, try the next one.


    Yaay! Another secret game. Unfortunately, though, this was another game I really didn't like that much. Just the concept was really kind of disgusting to me and, man, all of that food to eat! I really felt sorry for Mark, he really tried his best, but rules are rules, I guess. The $10,000 to the pot wasn't any real big loss, I'm sure they'll have plenty more opportunities for money.

    Things I Liked About This Episode:

    - Seeing Corbin in the opening saying "This time, I'm the mole." followed by having EXECUTED slapped over his profile. That's such a nice effect this season.

    - Having an old style game like the maze-thing, that was nice

    - Stephen's execution: the end of the stupid second-chance stuff, now on with the real games

    Things That Chafed at Me in This Episode:

    - The seeming ease of the first game and the overall lameness of most of the games

    - The whole "shocking execution" giveaway

    - Nothing else in particular really. I don't know why, but this episode just didn't sit well with me.

    Mole Suspicions

    This episode confirmed some old thoughts and added some new ones. Here is my growing list of who I think isn't the mole:

    Angie Everhart - Hasn't done anything yet to make me think that she's really the mole. She said Stephen was "trying too hard." I think she's trying too hard.

    Keshia Knight-Pulliam: She has officially earned too much money for the pot to make me think that she's the mole. There was plenty of opportunity for sabotage in that "Clucks For Bucks" and yet she did none.

    Mark Curry - Just not seeing it. Corbin thought he was the mole and he won money. Plus the way he acts just isn't working for me. One final thing: he really seemed to want that exemption. I don't know that they'd necessarily make the mole do all that. I know if I were the mole, I certainly wouldn't want to.

    That leaves Tracey Gold and Dennis Rodman as possible suspects. Of the two, I think Dennis Rodman is more likely, although I'm not counting out Tracey yet. I'm still strongly suspicious though of that bag zoom-in from the previous episode as a red herring.

    Soundtrack Music Used In This Episode

    Sabotage - At the very beginning after Tracey says that she got closer to the mole and also after the maze game when Mark Curry compares it to running from the police

    Brain Game - After Ahmad tells Keshia that she will be a superstar and starts explaining about how you can't turn over sombreros simultaneously

    Lap Of Luxury - As Stephen desscribes how Angie was kind of relating to the chickens and also later when Ahmad tells Mark that he's 7-8 bites away from finishing the Leftovers game

    751 Sheep - My personal favorite soundtrack piece, it plays when Ahmad says that Group Two for "Clucks For Bucks" was a strong group.

    Captured - While Dennis is in the maze

    Dirty Laundry - During the Leftovers game when Tracey says they're going to start calling Mark "Luke"

    Executed: Stephen Baldwin
    Exemption: Tracey Gold
    Current Pot: $93,000
    Pot Change: +$77,000