The Mole

Season 3 Episode 4

Departure #4

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

Remaining Players: Erik, Frederique, Kathy and Michael Hulapalooza: While Frederique and Kathy have thirty minutes in which to each ride a wave for five seconds or more, Erik and Micheal have to hula to "Tiny Bubbles" for the full half-hour in order to add $10,000 to the pot. When Kathy drops out scared the group forfeit their first $10,000 but are offered a second if Erik can successfully ride a wave for 20 seconds, double the time Frederique managed. Although confident that he could stay up for a whole minute, Erik blows the task and the group win nothing. Money earned: $0 of $20,000 Total money: $151,000 Final Exemption: After Erik and Kathy win a math game as a team, they are then pitted against each other in a multiple choice general knowledge round which Erik wins. While the other three players are taken, blindfolded, away from their current location they are told to find their way back before Erik completes a game of pairs involving a full deck of cards. With the group seeking the $20,000 prize and Erik seeking the final exemption, the game is close as Frederique arrives back quickly, but not quick enough to stop Erik from earning the exemption. Money earned: $0 of $20,000 Total money: $151,000 After a day in which no money was added to the pot, the group take their last 10 question quiz and Michael becomes the fourth person to be executed. But was he being tricked into believing Erik was The Mole, or did he merely not know as much about him (or her?) as the others do?