The Mole

Season 3 Episode 4

Departure #4

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2003 on ABC

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  • Originally appeared at TV Tome. Watch celebrities strain their brains --- overall, a pretty fun episode. Surprising execution, also.

    In this episode we get see the celebrities strain their brains for a chance at an exemption! Sound like fun? It sure is! But first, how about fun of a different kind - surfing and hula. Erik Von Detten and Michael Boatman have to dress up in grass skirts and do hula. They have to keep doing this for thirty minutes, while \"Tiny Bubbles\" is playing. Yep! The same \"Tiny Bubbles\" that Al had to listen to last year. Fortunately, for them though, at the regular speed, not fast, slow or weird like Al had to deal with. Anyway, while they\'re doing this, Kathy and Frederique are going to be surfing. $20,000 is up for grabs. They have thirty minutes to go out into the waves and stay up on the surfboard for five seconds. It\'s an all or nothing deal, it\'s not $10,000 for each that does it, it\'s $20,000 or nothing. As I\'m watching this, I think they probably both can do it. But really, I don\'t know. So, as it turns out Frederique is able to do it, but Kathy quits out before the time even runs out. Ah, Kathy! But apparently she just couldn\'t do it. Oh well, I still love you Kathy. Anyways, they make Michael and Erik hula it out for the full thirty minutes without telling them that Kathy quit. Afterwards, Ahmad gives them an opportunity to still make some money. If Erik can stay on the surfboard for twenty seconds, then they\'ll get $10,000. So Erik tries, but he\'s not able to do it within the time limit.

    Well, that was a bit of a waste of time. But, in any case, there\'s not much time to think about it, as there\'s a new game. This is the final exemption game. It\'s a series of brainteasers. They start out by blindfolding the contestants so they don\'t know where they\'re going. When they get there, Erik and Kathy are a team and Frederique and Michael are another team. The first set of problems are mathematical brainteasers in which they have a number and they have to figure out how other numbers can be added, divided, subtracted or multiplied to get that number. Once they figure that out, they apply the pattern to get another number. Kathy and Erik do very well, as Erik is good at math. Michael and Frederique, however, take a lot longer. Michael\'s not very good at math at all. (Not to brag, but I would have gotten them a lot faster than any of them did.) Michael and Frederique are out, so Kathy and Erik move on to the second round. It\'s a series of multiple-choice questions. The format is that Ahmad reads a question and then four answer-choices. The contestant gives an answer and if it\'s right, they move to the next question. However, if it\'s wrong, then they must wait for Ahmad to reread the question and then the remaining answer choices before they can answer again. Both Kathy and Erik do rather well, but Erik beats Kathy out by just a few seconds. So he moves on to the final round. In the final round, Erik is put in a restauarant where he has to solve a matching puzzle. Meanwhile, the other contestants have to try and find him, starting out from across town. If they find him, he not only loses the exemption, but $20,000 goes into the pot. So they all set out. Michael and Frederique both try to go really fast. Kathy, however, seems kind of smart. She tries to hitch a ride. However, luck isn\'t with her and so she gets the worst ride possible. I mean, the guy she gets in with is nuts. He doesn\'t know where he\'s going, plus he and his son seem to be on the run from the law and don\'t want to be on camera. Due to Michael\'s confusion and Kathy\'s bad luck, it\'s Frederique who finds Erik first, although she first has to fight her way past an overly-obnoxious security guy. Seriously, what was with this guy? Somebody messed up and must not have told him what was going on. In any case, the camera people take care of it and she gets through. Unfortunately (for her! [maybe, if she\'s not the mole] hee!), Erik has already completed the matching game and got his exemption. Kathy and Michael follow in afterwards and learn the disappointing news.

    Now, it\'s time for the final quiz. This one came as a big shock to me, but the person executed is Michael. I was very surprised, as I thought for sure that he was the mole, especially with the supposed \"clue\" in the first episode. But apparently it was just a red herring. My new choice for the mole: Frederique.