The Mole

Season 4 Episode 4

Departure #4

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2004 on ABC
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Departure #4
The executed players return for a game called "Tequila Shooters" in which the celebrities try to deliver wine while being pelted with dodgeballs. Afterwards, a gross food challenge sends most reeling, but one is able to stomach it. Later, the celebrities take part an artistic game that leads to some of the strangest artwork ever. The quiz results in a tie, but the result is still the same: a fourth celebrity is executed and sent home.moreless

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome --- "Mick Jagger, On Drugs, Looking at Himself Through a Broken Mirror"

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    Time for another review of The Mole a bit later than usual this time. My apologies. Outage problems with the new look (for those reading on now, this was a reference to a revamp of the old TV Tome's look that was made around the time this review was posted) forced me to delay in updating a number of projects. Hopefully, though, you're enjoying the new look. In any case, I thought this episode was rather more enjoyable than the previous week's, even if the pot-earnings were rather low, so on with the review!

    Analysis of the Games:

    Tequila Shooters

    The players are told by Ahmad to head across a small, narrow walk and bring him bottles of tequila on a tray, without touching them once they're on the walk and each one is worth $500. The catch is that the executed celebrities have all returned and they're waiting and ready to pelt (Angie doesn't like that word at all) them with dodgeballs in order to try to knock away the bottles. There are a total of 40 bottles for a possible $20,000, but the "banditos," the executed celebrities get the money for any bottles that are not brought back. I thought this was another funny game that was juvenilely fun to watch and offered an opportunity to observe behavior patterns. The game was followed by an offer of participating in a Mexican tradition of eating the worm. The offer, as Ahamad stated it, however, really confused me. I think the idea was that for each celebrity that ate a worm, they would double the money that particular celebrity had earned. From Ahmad's description though, I got the idea that they all had to eat them to double it completely and then at one point I thought that each worm eaten successively doubled it, like $6000, $12000, $24000 and so on. In the end, though, Dennis agreed to eat all of the worms, doubling it to $12,000. Ah, stomach of steel, that Dennis. Ahmad says he never doubted he do it - hmm, what does that mean?

    Still Life

    This rather complicated game explores Mexican culture through artwork. The players divide into one group of three called the "Kids at Heart" and two individual roles - the "Chatterbox" and the player with a "Good Eye." The idea is that the "Chatterbox" describes pieces of artwork to the "Kid at Heart" celebrities via a walkie-talkie, who then fingerpaint the pieces and hand them off to the "Good Eye" player, who matches them to pieces in a gallery. That was how it was supposed to work, although the results are much more comical. Mark Curry is chosen as the Chatterbox and Dennis (my main mole suspect) is amusingly said to have a Good Eye. That leaves Keshia, Angie and Tracey painting. Now, in my opinion, for someone who's trying to act like the mole in this episode, Mark does a fairly decent job of describing the paintings. Not great, but fairly decent. It seems to me like there were certain cases where if he could have just been a bit more detailed, it might have sealed the game. In any case, Keshia's painting is the most like the original and the only one that Dennis ends up keeping correct. By far, the most humorous part of this segment is Mark Curry's comments about the paintings, such as Angie's resembling "Mick Jagger, on drugs, looking at himself in a broken mirror." And you can't help but be amused by how Mark describes "little houses" to Tracey and she ends up with one humongous barn. Absolutely classic, but I think it was really a genuine mistake on her part and not her being the mole or trying to act "molish."

    Things I Liked About This Episode:

    - Watching stuff like celebrities fall into water, that's fun

    - The Still Life game was tough but totally doable if they had really buckled down. It was really fun to watch. Ahmad's "portrait" was amusing too.

    - Keshia not being the mole. I liked her all right and never thought she was. From the very beginning, she was never on my suspects list.

    Things That Chafed at Me in This Episode:

    - The executed celebrities earning money, sort of. That's never happened before. They were executed. They lost. They shouldn't get any money.

    - Nothing else in particular that I can think of

    Mole Suspicions

    I am now almost certain that Dennis is the mole, although I still have a bit of suspicion towards Tracey. All of my suspicions have been talked about in previous reviews and this episode really didn't do anything to change it. It's true that Dennis did earn money for the pot, but it was a pish-posh amount that I think he just did just try to throw off some suspicion. I think it might have worked somewhat too. He, meanwhile, insists that he thinks Tracey is the mole, all while not taking any notes in journal. It's like Tracey said: how in the world does he pass the quizzes?

    Soundtrack Music Used In This Episode

    751 Sheep - After Ahmad announces "3 2 1 Go!" for the Tequila Shooters game.

    The Players - Before going to the commercial break a couple of times. Actually, I'm not sure on this one because there are a couple pieces that sound a lot alike and they only play a portion of each piece.

    Brain Game - After Ahmad tells Dennis that he was "so close" to figuring out the Still Life game

    There may have been one or two more, but it was hard to tell because with the exception of "Brain Game" and "751 Sheep," the pieces used weren't that distinctive. There was also a lot of non-soundtrack music used.

    Executed: Keshia Knight Pulliam

    Exemptions: None

    Current Pot: $105,000

    Pot Change: +$12,000moreless
Mark Curry

Mark Curry

Himself - Runner-Up (Celebrity Mole: Yucatan)

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Herself - 4th Executed (Celebrity Mole: Yucatan)

Ahmad Rashad

Ahmad Rashad

Host (Celebrity Editions)

Tracey Gold

Tracey Gold

Herself - 5th Executed (Celebrity Mole: Yucatan)

Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen

Himself - 3rd Executed (Celebrity Mole: Hawaii), Himself - 2nd Executed (Celebrity Mole: Yucatan)

Angie Everhart

Angie Everhart

Herself - The Mole (Celebrity Mole: Yucatan)

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