The Mole

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • Season 5
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 9
      The remaining players are given a brief chance to reflect on their final three status before being plunged directly into the final challenge. They are placed in a room and told they have one hour to defuse a bomb before $50,000 goes up in smoke. No other explicit instructions are given. The players struggle to solve puzzles within the room they have been placed to complete the challenge. Later, the contestants find themselves outdoors in Buenos Aires for their final challenge. Each is given their own set of clues which they must solve in order to then be assigned to tasks to complete. The prize comes in the form of an interesting choice-- accept $75,000 for the pot or sacrifice it for a chance to look inside the mole's dossier. Finally, the three contestants take the final quiz that determines who is the winner, who the runner-up and who is the mole.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 8
      As one contestant deals with losing his coalition partner, the contestants are all put to the test in a series of "kid games." Split into two teams, one member of each acts as the other's eyes by manipulating a camera that sends backwards images to goggles that they are wearing in a series of challenges. The final challenge of the set proves much tougher than the others, testing the mettle, speed and balance of the players in the goggles. Later on, the results of a puzzle challenge determine the sniper in a game of paintball with both money and a potential exemption on the line. Later, the penultimate quiz reveals the final three.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 7
      In Mendoza, the contestants are asked to split into a group of two "Dumb Players" and a group of three "Smart Players" for a challenger. Both groups are tasked with a series of a mathematical puzzles that also test their puzzles of memory and concentration. The challenge sends them scrambling throughout Mendoza and although it is won in the nick of time, the close-call leads many to speculate on potential sabotage. Later the contestants fly from Mendoza, Argentina to Buenos Aires, the nation's capital. Here, they face a challenge that gives them not only the opportunity to earn money, but also a shot at something potentially more valuable, time spent with their families. Despite some joyous reunions, one player finds herself less than thrilled with their position in the game and hints at the possibility that they may throw the quiz in order to be sent home.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 6
      The remaining players continue with the game in Mendoza, Argentina. Nicole notes her position as the "last woman standing" and states that she'd like to be the last player standing. The players visit the Lagrarde Vineyard, makers of the finest Malbec wine, where they take part in a complex challenge that involves both the solving of brain-teasers and some good, old-fashioned hoofing. Despite a strong performance in the challenge, certain activities by some players lead others to wonder if any sort of potential sabotage may have been attempted. The players later head to a bridge over the Mendoza River where they are told not only to bungee jump but also to attempt to hit a target. As an added twist, before jumping, each contestant is asked to guess how much money the group will make during the challenge. That evening, before the execution, two players hatch a conspiracy to get another contestant drunk in the hope of messing up that contestant's quiz performance.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 5
      During a cold evening, the players find themselves chained together in a game of trust. Faced with the prospect of spending the night in the cold, the game forces the players to make a choice as to whether or not anyone can be trusted to make a decision that will benefit the group as the whole, rather than merely looking out for their own interests. The players later travel from Uspallata to Mendoza, described as the "Napa Valley of Argentina." Though all are excited by the change in scenery, two players in particular find themselves at each other's throats during the van ride there. The conflict is broken up only when the decision is made by some players to switch vans. At the new destination, the players are tasked with a strongly physical challenge containing a huge twist. One contestant is offered a reward if the others fail and granted a great deal of power to sabotage their chances. The results of this challenge lead to a shift in the game for many, as reputations crumble and new suspicions are formed.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 4
      The remaining players head to the Andes Mountains where they face a test that challenges both pure strength and strategy. One player earns resentment by bargaining for a crucial advantage that some players feel he did not earn. Following the challenge, a contestant faces a medical emergency that threatens to jeopardize his chances in the game. The players get a look inside each other's minds when asked to play a game of "Who Said That?" Later, they undergo a twist that one of them describes as "sadistic." The twist places several players at a critical disadvantage. In the closest result yet, one of the players is unable to overcome this disadvantage and becomes the fourth to be executed.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 3
      With tension growing amongst the remaining contestants, they are asked to put what little faith they have in each other to the test in a challenge that pairs them into "Can't Trust" and "Trust Blindly" groups. Members from both of the groups pair up for a harrowing luge ride that also serves as a test of memory. A rules violation on the part of several contestants leads to a major penalty. Later, Jon Kelley sends the contestants on a spy day complete with luxurious massages. Though pleased at the opportunity to relax, the contestants are weary of an upcoming catch, and rightly so. They find that their clothes have been sent off for dry cleaning and are challenged to find suitable clothes within a short time-frame in order to join host Jon Kelley in time for a fine-dining dinner. Two contestants make a suspicious move by choosing to simply opt out of the challenge. The contestants are presented with an intriguing offer at the evening's execution.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0, Episode 2
      The remaining contestants try their best to compete and gather information, but must remain ever-watchful for signs of possible sabotage from the one mole amongst them. They are sent to the Santiago Metropolitan Park where they are split into a challenge with two possible outcomes -- the entire team winning money or two players receiving an exemption. During this task, all players are tested to their physical limits while doing their best to maintain their mental game as well. Later, the contestants pay a visit to Pomaire where they face a challenge that requires them to "make pigs fly." During the evening's execution, the vulnerable contestants feel a great deal of pressure knowing that three amongst their ranks are exempt from the quiz.moreless
    • The Mole 3.0 Premiere
      Jon Kelley hosts the return of The Mole, a reality-competition that follows twelve players on a worldwide adventure. One of them is the mole, a saboteur that could thwart their efforts at anytime. The games began immediately with a challenge that required each of the players to dive waterfall and grab for money -- with the exception of a single player who was left to determine which should jump for real money, and which for fake. When only a small portion of the available money is put in the pot, suspicions immediately flare as to who could be the mole. That evening, some contestants are less than satisfied with their sleeping arrangements when a set of players is told they must sleep outside. One player thwarts the rules by staying awake all night. Later, the teams are sent to a beach to participate in a scavenger-hunt style game. Though they fare somewhat better, winning a majority of the available money, evidence of possible sabotage leads some to wonder if the mole is already at work. The players nervously face the evening's first execution after airing a series of ten challenging questions regarding whom they believe to the be the mole. One player, who seemed to have been given an early advantage, is eliminated in a surprising execution.moreless
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