The Mole

Season 3 Episode 5

Final Hawaii Games

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2003 on ABC

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome. Three Celebrities and a couple final games --- a decent final episode before the revealing of the mole, not thrilling.

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    Well, we're getting down to the end. It's just Kathy, Erik and Frederique left. But we don't find out who wins and who's the mole yet. That's next week. First, it's time for some final games.

    So, now that they're into the third "season" of The Mole, the are of course, some traditions. And one of those is a game called "Three Questions," which the first season's mole called an "awful game." The format is pretty familiar: before the game, each of the celebrities answered questions about the other two. Then, during the game, one of the celebrities is hidden somewhere and the other two have to try and find them by getting directions for correctly answering how they thought the hidden player answered the questions. Each find is $10,000. In short, Kathy and Erik correctly guessed Frederique's answers, but they didn't get anything beyond that. In my opinion, I think Kathy probably was trying to look like the mole in her strategy of answering all of the questions with the same answer. She knew that would draw suspicion and was hoping to trip Erik up. (I think that Frederique is the mole.)

    Before the next game, the players have a dinner and they have them play a game where they do imitations of other contestants by drawing their names from a hat. I was kind of hoping for more from this. They could have had them do more imitations than what they did.

    The final game is a puzzle game worth $75,000. It happens at midnight and basically they have to solve clues in order to get numbers to unlock a safe. Me, being a chess fan, I was screaming at them about the Kasparov clue, but they did eventually figure that out. Also, kudos for them finally figuring out that all of the answers were actually hidden on their clothing and so they really didn't need the clues. So, anyway, they go to unlock the safe and find another clue! Ooooh, nice twist! But they solve that, even after a panic situation by Kathy and they earn $75,000.

    Then, it's time for the final quiz. Since it's the final quiz, there's twenty questions instead of ten. It may be a celebrity edition, but the questions are just as difficult as always. Nice job, ABC. So who wins and who's the mole? Check the information for the next episode.