The Mole

Season 4 Episode 6

Final Yucatan Games

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2004 on ABC

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  • Originally posted at TV Tome --- No Crazy Superhero Costumes, Just a Review

    The following originally appeared at the original TV Tome:

    In this episode, we have fun with a couple of final games, a wannabe superhero and my pick for the mole gets in his last bit of sabotage. It's a crazy, funny episode with some of the most blatant sabotage ever as the celebrities go over the top to try and act at being the mole. Let's delve right into the review.

    Analysis of the Games:

    Treasure Cove

    Before the game starts, the players are each given individual briefcases with strict instructions not to look inside them. That's the most important thing to remember, that and to handle them carefully. We're told that we'll find out later what's in the briefcases. The game itself is an underwater challenge. The players are told to choose one player that "likes to get to the bottom of things" and the other two will be "pop-culture buffs." Angie chooses to get to the bottom of things, while Mark speaks up and agrees to be a pop-culture buff. Dennis, as usual, is silent and therefore ends up as a pop-culture buff by default. The game involves the two pop-culture buffs riding along on a boat to buoys that contain clues such as "Child Boulder," which they have to decipher and transmit down to Angie. The catch is that the boat is leaking the entire time and if it sinks, they earn no money. Meanwhile, Angie, once she receives the information, has to choose between two treasure chests that are answers to a clue related to what the pop-culture buffs figure out. The game basically ends up being a disaster. Things seem to go rather well at first, with Mark and Dennis reaching and figuring out the clues. Things, however, quickly breakdown as Mark, who has dressed up in a cape and is calling himself "Mr. Danger," tries to act 'molish' by actually sploshing water into the boat. Angie, meanwhile, not only isn't sure which way to go underwater but is having a terrible time at choosing the treasure chests. The boat sinks unceremoniously and the celebrities earned no money. My thinking is that if Mark was trying to act like the mole, he was being just a little too obvious. Of course, the crazy goofiness could be part of his strategy, which is what many maintain. Dennis, meanwhile, was most in character. I personally think that is his strategy most of the time, to just stay silent, act stupid, occasionally shout out a correct answer and watch as everyone else screws up.


    This game takes us back, way back, testing the celbrities' memory and giving them and us a look back this and past seasons of the program. Gone and greatly missed is Anderson Cooper, his picture heading a display of the two moles and two winners from the first and second runs of the program. Also included is a look at the current season's executed players and a review of the games. Finally, the three remaining celebrities are represented by question marks. Dennis is chosen as "fast" player, Mark as "clean-up" and Angie as a player with a good memory. They're given one minute to study the photos and then they each come back in and try to put them back in the right places. Dennis comes in first and gets only one correct. Mark brings the total to a much better ten and Angie finally to a fairly impressive twenty out twenty-seven. Rightfully, nobody is impressed with Dennis's stupid act, even more so when the truth about the briefcases is revealed. Each of them contained a piece of white paper with the correct answer to the game on the back. If any were exposed to even the smallest amount of light, the paper would turn black when developed. Ahmad takes the papers to be developed and the result is that Dennis is the only one who looked. He claims he took only a "small peek" and if that's true, it certainly showed. Now here's what I find interesting about this game: had nobody opened their briefcase, they would have doubled the winnings from $40,000 to $80,000. That would have placed them over the stated maximum of $250,000, so, well whatever. I do believe that whoever the mole is has been doing a fairly good job, but they totally set it up so that there's more money available than they can actually win.

    Things I Liked About This Episode:

    - The reminder of Anderson. Ah, good times. Fortunately, we'll all be able to relive them when Mole repeats come to GSN.

    - Angie Everhart doesn't seem as annoying as she used to be, which is good. I'm glad she's toned down the way she was acting because it really wasn't working for her.

    Things That Chafed at Me in This Episode:

    - Unsolved mysteries: it would be interesting to know what would have happened had thy actually doubled the money

    - Mark Curry went just a little overboard with his superhero gimmick for me

    - The whole briefcase thing seemed a little too obvious as a final way to have someone sabotage something

    My Predictions For The Finale

    Mole: Dennis Rodman
    Winner: Mark Curry
    Runner-Up: Angie Everhart

    Soundtrack Music Used In This Episode

    The Players - Towards the beginning of the episode when Mark is speculating about what might be in the briefcases

    Traveling in Circles - When Angie is trying to figure out whether Tiger Woods won the Masters in '96 or '97

    Captured - During the Treasure Cove game when Mark and Dennis tell Angie to "Go to the next one." Also after the commercial break following that

    Who is the MOLE? - When Mark is calling Angie suspicious for her behavior during the Treasure Cove game in an interview and later when Dennis "apologizes" for opening his briefcase

    Sabotage - When Ahmad tells the players what will happen if they opened their briefcases anad also later when Dennis's briefcase is opened

    Deception - When Ahmad voiceovers about a "final twist" to the Flashback game

    There was no execution and, therefore, naturally no exemptions. The final three are still Dennis Rodman, Angie Everhart, Mark Curry.

    Current Pot: $222,000
    Pot Change: +$40,000