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  • A number of strangers meet . They all do odd tasks to earn a amount of money . One of them is a mole, or a saboteur who is paid to make sure the group earns no money. they answer tests on the mole. The winner is the person who can answer who is the mole?

    The first time I heard about this TV show was in a joke someone told me. I don't remember the joke, but after I heard the joke I asked the guy to tell me what the show was about. After I heard about the show I all most instantly had a gut instinct that I was going to love the show. I watched all the seasons and I was totally correct. It has suspense, action, comedy and a little drama. I loved the first season the best. When they said Steven was an "Undercover Cop" I thought he was the mole. Was I wrong or what? I always end up thinking that the mole was this guy and he ended up to be the winner and I always thought that this guy would win, but he was the mole! I still find it fun. Even if I am "young" I find it AWESOME! Watch the MOLE, and find out "Who Is The Mole?". P.S.
    I miss Anderson Cooper, he was a good host. :(
  • The mole US is one of my favourite reality shows ever. The contestants have to complete games to earn money for a group pot. But there's a mole among them a player who sabotages the games. Doing so losing money for the group. It's just so good tv.

    The mole US is one of my favourite reality shows ever. The contestants have to complete games to earn money for a group pot. But there's a mole among them. A player who sabotages the games . Doing so losing money for the group.
    It's just so good tv. During the games some times strange things happen that can turn things completly around for the players. The players cant trust anyone on the show. There are situations where they might betray their own teammates for an excemption. A way to go to the next round without taking the quiz. The quiz contains quistions about the mole.
    At the end of a show they answer them and who got the most quistions wrong had to leave the game. The mole cant be executed. So when there are three players left their can onely be a winner of the group pot ,the mole and a loser left. It's also nice that in the last episode all of the former contestants are together for the reveiling. Some of them where way of by their suspicions. The moles actions to sabotage are also reveiled. Sometimes incredibly sneaky, making it look like other player did it. In this show you can become a litlle bit paranoid about who is the mole. Some players screw up easy games. And then there are the comments of the players about eachothers actions. So funny to see. Definitly excellent tv.
  • good show

    This show is really smart. There are a lot of dumb shows on abc. The mole and i survived a japanese game show are the only good shows on abc. This show is underappreciated because its got a original idea unlike a lot of other shows. Ive only seen a couple episodes but it is really good! The season finale is next week and I want mark to win but he could be the mole. Personally I think nicole is the mole!! It is on monday at ten on abc. You should catch this show. I really like it and you will too!
  • I love this show. John Kelley is a very good host, but I miss Anderson Cooper as well. The Celebrity version I liked to see Corbin Bernson and Stephen Baldwin going at it.

    I always loved this show from the first time I saw it. I saw the very first episode by accident, during the height of Regis and the Millionaire show, my wife and I set up a tape to tape Millionaire while we went to the movies and came back to see this, we watched it and loved it from the start. Back then for half the season everyone who I thought was the Mole was executed. I would recommend anyone to see this show and hope it comes back for season six. This is a show that really makes you use your mind. Mahalo
  • Not many people I know watch this or want to watch it, but it is a pretty decent show. It involves a game show as well as mysterey solving and espionage. I just miss AC!

    When the show wasn't on for a few years, I figured we'd seen the last of the Mole, but you have no idea how happy I was when I heard that the show would be back on the air for the summer. I watched every season and loved not knowing who the Mole is so I could play along with the contestants. I have told others that if I ever try out for a reality show this is the one I would try. For the 5th season, they have reverted back to the original game with no "celebrities" and just have real people, which I think is better to watch.
  • A show I wouldn't mind missing...

    Since there are not many good summer shows I was excited to hear that the Mole was coming back. This excitement soon vanished after the second episode. The people became boring and overly predictable. The challenges are a disappointment as well. I've seen all of these challenges in one way or another on Real World/Road Rules, Amazing Race, Survivor, or Big Brother. Because it is hard to be original, I have not really minded the unoriginal challenges. The part that I dislike the most is the ending ceremony where someone goes home. They sit and the host touches a screen... Wow. The Mole seems to be getting worse and worse. In other words, it's going downhill fast.
  • Strangers meet to compete in whacked out challenges with a sabeutor.

    The Mole is one of ABC's latest shows, at ten eastern. Many strangers meet in a certain country to do strange challenges. If the challenge is completed, an amount of money goes into the pot. But, all these challenges have a twist. There is a Mole among them, trying to sabatoge all the challenges. They are being paid to keep money out of the pot. The final three will end up being the two final contestants and the Mole. The Mole is not eligible to win the final prize, but they easily can ace the quiz each week. At the end of the quiz, the person who did the worst out of the bunch goes home.
  • Strangers compete in competitions to try and collect the most money they can. But there is a catch, one of them is the mole and is trying to sabotage everything. Along with challenges they must take a quiz at the end to see if they know who the mole is.

    I use to watch the celebrity mole one in Hawaii I think it was. It was amazing then and I loved the host and the players especially since you kind of know them even though you don't know them personally. This season Mole 3.0 has for me not been the same. The host is terrible in my mind but the mole part is still there and the craziness that follows is there as well so that kind of makes up for it but not fully. The challenges are good but the characters weren't like they were in the celebrity one.
  • glad it's back!

    I used to watch The Mole with my brother and we always guessed who it was and who we liked and so on. I'm really excited to see that it's back and it's just as good as before. I don't like the host very much, but oh well. The idea is that their's a mole that tries to sabotage the group's money-getting. The individuals have to figure out who the mole is and one gets eliminated a week. Awesome idea! I just always loved the idea of this show and I love trying to guess who the mole is. Overall, glad to see it's back and as good as before (except for the host).
  • The mole was known in the first show!!!!!!!!!

    I could not wait to see the mole again, but then I could not believe they showed who the mole was on the first show. Its Victoria. Go back and watch when she gets on the raft, they actually show the fingerprint on her hard hat. Well that was a short lived excitment. I am so disappointed, but I guess thats 10 weeks that I can watch something else. I hope ABC gets it right next year. The last mole was so hard to figure out that the show was interesting. Now whats the point if they already showed it. Someone tell me Im wrong and I would be thrilled.
  • The timing may be right for the Mole to reappear!

    The Mole before the celebrity buffoons got into the act was one of the best produced reality shows. It incorporated many aspects of intrigue, intelligence,physical challenges,deception etc. I believe that for most it was too advanced and did not appeal to those who prefer to sit mindlessly in front to their TV and simply watch it. The Mole required a certain amount of dedication and interaction from the viewers and sadly couldn't find enough of an audience. While the celebrity version had a certain appeal I enjoyed watching "you and me" on the screen which in my opinion is what made it REALITY TV.
  • Come back Anderson Cooper!

    I'm looking forward to the return of "The Mole" as long as it's NOT a Celebrity Mole which was just plain awful and is the reason The Mole was cancelled. Please keep Steven Baldwin & Corbin Burnson away!!! They ruined the show. Before that The Mole was interesting & I never missed an episode. Each show was like a puzzle that required one to pay attention and think. It had action similar to Amazing Race although the contestants did not travel as much. But the settings for the show were picturesque and unusual. And Anderson Cooper was excellent as the host.
  • Nice show!

    Each week, the team will attempt to complete tasks in return for prize money. During their tasks, they will be trying to work as a team, but one of them will be trying to work against them. At the end of each episode, all contestants will answer a computer questionnaire about who they think the mole is. Whoever is furthest from the truth will be eliminated, until there are only three left - 1 winner, 1 loser and The Mole. I have to say that after watching the first episode, I was convinced I knew who the Mole was. Only to find that they were eliminated for being furthest from the truth! The tasks themselves are quite exciting to watch. A sort of cross between Treasure Hunt and the Crystal Maze. The fact that you also have to try to spot The Mole as well makes this program unmissable! Watch it!
  • The mole

    The mole is a really show about people who play games for prize money and they have two work as a team to do so if they win they get the money and it is put in to a bank or pot and one person will win it at the end of the game but thier is a mole working for the producers of the show to stop them from winning a thing so they do not have to pay alot of money to the winner at the end of every episode their is a test the person who scores lowest on the test is gone i liked this show when it was on the air it was relly good remains me of CIA and things like that THE END.
  • OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! I hate that The Mole isn't on anymore. I always used to watch this show when it was on, if I missed a single episode I would have died of despair.

    How could anyone not like this show?!! I was always wondering who the mole was and what tasks that the people on the show would have to do. I was so disappointed when the show stopped airing, I guess the ratings were decling... The tasks were always either exciting or funny. I watched every episode ever aired of this show and I would have killed myself if I EVER missed an episode (I know, a bit dramatic, but I seriously loved this show more than any other!) I know that there are people out there who could care less about the show and my opinion of it, but, there are also peple who loved this show (almost) as much as me.
  • Loved this show....made you think!! Bring it back!

    I don't know why this show went off the air? Maybe because Anderson Cooper got famous and went to CNN, but the show was fun! I hope they bring it back some time! This show made you think and watch closely for clues. You always suspected everyone of being the mole!! Bring some new fresh face in to host the show. I would call this an 'observation and smarts' kind of show that does not give you time to just 'slack off' have to watch everything for clues to who could possibly be the mole. I give kudos to the mole too for having to trick everyone in to thinking they are just like everyone else!!
  • bring it back for gods sake!!

    in my mind it was the best show ever..this is a unique show in its own category, none of that survivor stuff. however it lost ratings because of the fact that they put celebrities in and less contestants and less vibe to it. the first two seasons of the mole was spectacular. i have no clue why abc did not want to air new seasons of the mole. althought ratings was lost that doesnt mean all people was lost, because of the fact that it did not get a good time in the lineup and it was ignored while shows like survivor, and amazing race took the spotlight. Abc does not have the guts like CBS to air this kind of game show in the primetime lineup. SCrewy aint it? BRING IT BACK
  • used to be good...

    this show was simply amazing, maybe the best reality game show i\'d ever seen, before the celebrity version. the regular one was taken off the air, to be replaced by this disappointing imitation. i am sorry, but celebrities just ruin the show, as they do many other shows. it\'s more interesting and fun to watch regular people just like yourself, instead of has-been celebrities with their egos and tv personalities. i say bring back regular mole!
  • One mole. One winner. A couple faithful fans.

    I use to watch this show. I watched the one with the celebrity and loved it so much. I never saw it on again so I never watched it after that. The plot was good and I wish I could have watched it again. When I watched it I watched the one where the mole was Kathy and I couldn't believe it was her I thought it was the other guy for sure. I guess that's what happens when you get actors to do the show =) I hope it comes back so I can watch it again because it was so amazing!
  • It was a great show! I have no idea why it is no longer aired.

    I watched this show from the very beginning and close to the end. Every season I loved it. I find it amazing that other reality shows last for many seasons and don't even deserve it and the one that finally does only lasts four seasons. This show was amazing! Also, at times it was really funny. My favorite part of the whole series was when the one guy was stuck in the room playing various versions of tiny bubbles over and over again. It's only been a couple of years since they stopped airing it. So you never know, maybe one of the greatest reality series ever to hit television will get a second chance.
  • Contestants are put through challenges in order to win money for the pot--which the winner will take. However, one contestant is planted, A Mole, to stop the contestants from adding money to the pot. The question is, which one is it?

    This show never got the credit it deserved. By far, it was the best of the best in terms of reality shows to date. Unfortunately, I think it was too far over the heads of the run-of-the-mill tv-watcher.

    The Mole was absolultely addictive, entertaining, and frustrating at the same time! I wish they'd give it another try!
  • Why do they no longer air one of the best shows in reality TV history?

    This was one of the best shows ever! I am a huge fan of reality TV, and I constantly wonder why they ever took this show away. I thought it was popular, but I was obviously wrong. This show really made you think, and left you in suspense. I loved all of the competitions and all of the music that went along with the show. Celebrity Mole wasn\'t nearly as good as the one with \"regular\" people but I still really enjoyed watching it. Who was the Mole? That question lingered in my mind throughout every episode. I really loved this show. Why did they get rid of it?
  • This show is about a group of people who try to win a million dollars, by competeing in many diffrent games to earn money.

    The twist is one of the player's is secretly the Mole(none of the other player's know who it is). The Mole sabotoges the games so the players earn less money. The goal for the players - besides earning as much money from the games as possible - is to figure out who the Mole is. Because there is a quiz at the end of each episode about the Mole. You want to get the most questions right about the mole as possible, because the person who gets the most wrong will be executed(leave the show).
    This was the best reality show on television. I would always try to figure out who the Mole was and once I was abuslatly sure who the Mole was he or she would get executed. The games were always exciting and fun to watch.
    The celeberty version wasn't as good, but better than no Mole at all.
    Me and my family started making our own mole games as soon as the first season of Mole came on the air. I play them with my family. We still do. We have such a fun time. It would be nice,though, to have new episodes of the series to watch.
    Please bring it back! It was amazing!
  • Let's go back to what worked and dump the celeberity B-list

    ' The Mole ' was a fantastic show until ABC decided to cancel it and the producers decided it might fun to bring the show back made up of B-list celeberities. This was a mistake.
    The celeberities included in ' Celebeity Mole ' were lazy and you could see the main enjoyment for them was the free trip and stay at 5 star resort.
    The original series involved average joe's and jane's and made them work and earn their wins. With the original shows, you were excited and could not wait for each episode while with the celeberity versions you see the outcome early on and was nto hard to figure out who the mole actually was.
    I would enjoy seeing this series come back but only if they brought back the original version.
  • Celebrity Mole was by far the best.

    i only watched a little of the original 2 seasons of "the mole," but the celebrity seasons i was addicted to. i loved them, but that is not to say it was the best show, and there were times were i just was embarrassed to watch it...

    The first season was great, but the second i loved for one person, Tracy Gold, she was great and god i wish she was the Mole so she could be on longer.

    i really did like the show, not to say they need to bring it back, but it wouldn't be the worst thing.
  • Finally a smart game show.

    A group of players, working together to earn money for a pot only one player can win. One player is the Mole, an undercover worker trying to sabotage the group. One by one, the Mole victimizes the clueless. Can you figure out WHO IS ThE MoLE? I loved this show a whole lot both the hosts were great all the players were great.
  • The Best Show Ever!

    I'm hoping against all hope that some network picks up this show and brings it back to total success, showing ABC how dumb they were for calling it quits. This is the best show ever and it always had me in suspense, even the celebrity versions. Please Come Back Soon!
  • One of the best shows!!!

    I definetly think they should bring this show back. The only reason I gave this a 9.8 is because of two reasons.
    1. The Celebrity Edition wasn't good at all.
    2. The clues hidden in the shows were near impossable to find.
    Other then that I love this show!!!
    I would love to be the Mole!
  • in essence this was a reality version of a drama like 24 or alias, challenging you with constant twists and turns

    i am no fan of reality tv, but the mole was a very special show. it challenged a diverse group of individuals both physically and mentally. that latter part is what sold me, as the players have to constantly be watchfull for clues, hints, or mistakes (or even distinguish between intentional mistakes). it was great playing along in front of the tv every week, and trying to overanalyze different aspects of the show (as the producers would throw clues at you weekly as to the identity of the mole). anderson cooper was also great (especially in one episode where he may have had a bit too much wine) i should add that my review applies only to the "civilian edition" not the d list celebrity/ahmad rashaad version.
  • The smartest reality show out there.

    This was a great reality show about a group of people working together to win money. However one person in the group was the mole a person who secretly worked agianst the group. They would then take a test each week about the mole and the person with the most wrong answers would be eliminated. It was smart and I'm sure had the contestants constantly thinking, I loved how the show would leave clues for the aduiunce as to who the mole was and I loved how everyone had note pads to write hundreds of things down about the mole and who they thought it could be. It was a smart show that shouldn't have been cancled but sdaly after the amazing first season it was forgotton as it trugged along through a second season that seemed to be played twice and 2 celebrity seasons.
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