The Mole

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • A number of strangers meet . They all do odd tasks to earn a amount of money . One of them is a mole, or a saboteur who is paid to make sure the group earns no money. they answer tests on the mole. The winner is the person who can answer who is the mole?

    The first time I heard about this TV show was in a joke someone told me. I don't remember the joke, but after I heard the joke I asked the guy to tell me what the show was about. After I heard about the show I all most instantly had a gut instinct that I was going to love the show. I watched all the seasons and I was totally correct. It has suspense, action, comedy and a little drama. I loved the first season the best. When they said Steven was an "Undercover Cop" I thought he was the mole. Was I wrong or what? I always end up thinking that the mole was this guy and he ended up to be the winner and I always thought that this guy would win, but he was the mole! I still find it fun. Even if I am "young" I find it AWESOME! Watch the MOLE, and find out "Who Is The Mole?". P.S.
    I miss Anderson Cooper, he was a good host. :(
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