The Mole - Season 1

ABC (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Part the End
    Part the End
    Episode 9
    The final episode reveals that Kathryn Price is the mole and Steven Cowles is the winner. Montages reveal moley action, previously-unknown alliances and more. Recaps offer a look back at some of the best moments of the first season of the show. The viewers are informed that hidden clues to the mole's identity were placed in episodes throughout the season and these clues are revealed.moreless
  • Part the Eighth
    Part the Eighth
    Episode 8
    Now that only three players are left, the remaining players take part in some final games. One mean game forces the players to answer revealing questions about each other, in the hopes of using information earned this way to find each other and earn money for the pot. In the final game, the players are locked in hotel rooms and try to decipher clues working together in order to escape and earn a large chunk of money to the pot. They fail, leading the two actual players to wonder if it was the mole's work.moreless
  • Part the Seventh
    Part the Seventh
    Episode 7
    The players divide into "arty" and "counting" groups and then participate in games in which they herd sheep or create a piece art designed to fool a critic. The sheep-herding group is given a choice of three dogs, with only one trained to herd sheep. They can earn $20,000 for herding them, and an additional $10,000 for counting them. What they don't know is that they've already been told the number of sheep. The players then are asked to challenging tasks, such as facing knife-throwing and fire-walking. The tasks are on a tiered-structure, with varying results worth exemptions and/or cash. The participating players are blindfolded, while another has to convince them to complete their tasks. This player is the only one who knows the truth about their tasks: that they only think they're doing something potentially dangerous.moreless
  • Part the Sixth
    Part the Sixth
    Episode 6
    And then there were five. Four players and the mole start another day in Spain, this time starting off on the wrong foot, with a penalty. Turns out that Kathryn, Steven, and Jim visit each other in their rooms after being told distinctly to stay in their own rooms, and $20,000 is deducted from the pot. With morale low, the group attempts to earn back the penalty money by passing a test much like Capture the Flag. The contestants must guard a fortress and protect a large glass bowl from the aggressors seeking to break into the fortress and break the bowl. After a long night, the aggressors manage to sneak past Jim, Charlie, and Steven and knock over the bowl right under the nose of the unguarded Kathryn. Later, Kathryn tries to make up for the loss that she blames herself for by shining in the next test, where the players must translate clues about books into English, find the book in a library, remove the horse carriage ticket hidden inside the book, and get to their own separate stop before time runs out. Although Charlie gets confused and is forced to go back to the library, he eventually is able to board the carriage and win the team $42,000. Before the quiz, the relationship between Charlie and Kate reaches a boiling point, and the entire group believes that the atmosphere will be more pleasant without Charlie around. They fail to get their wish, however, when Kate scores the lowest on the quiz and becomes the Mole’s 6th victim.moreless
  • Part the Fifth
    Part the Fifth
    Episode 5
    With their numbers down to six, the players are told to split up into three groups – a resourceful group, a smart group, and a stupid group – for the first test. Their task: find the Montecastillo Hotel in Jerez using (for the smart team) only a cell phone, a map, and a few word clues, as well as (for the resourceful team) a van full of odd objects, as well as picture clues. The stupid team, Charlie and Kate, are brought directly to the hotel, and are told that if they can lead the smart team away from the hotel and have only the resourceful team make it to the hotel, the value of the test would double to $80,000. The stupid team fails, but the group as a whole passes the test, earning $40,000 for the pot. The next day, the players are greeted by loved ones after winning $20,000, and after reuniting and talking for a bit, the loved ones join the players at the execution, where Jennifer and her friend are shown the door.moreless
  • Part the Fourth
    Part the Fourth
    Episode 4
    The contestants broaden their adventures – and their total winnings – in this episode, which begins with Host Anderson Cooper sequestering volunteer Kate for the first test. The other players, now equipped with laser sensitive vests, get ready to play a game of laser tag in order to rescue Kate and earn money for the pot. The players fail the test and Kate fails at her chance to receive another exemption. The other competitors get annoyed that Kate has now been given two opportunities at getting an exemption, and her slow, unintentional seclusion from the group begins. For the second test, the group splits up into two teams. The first team is taken into a room and told to answer a series of riddles and brain teasers. They are then taken on a tour through a university, and told that for every question the second group gets correct, money will be removed from the pot. Jim, from the first group, is assigned as the runner, and, luckily, he catches up with the second group and stops them before they can do too much damage. By the end of the week, the group earns $60,000, adding to an already-big sum of money. At the execution, the group of potential eventual winners is shaved down to six when Henry scores the lowest on the quiz.moreless
  • Part the Third
    Part the Third
    Episode 3
    The eight players, now a little tired of France, move on to bigger and harder things in Spain. For their first task in Spain, all of the contestants must bullfight, and when they do, $65,000 is added to the pot. After that experience, they sleep under the stars, in tents, and the next day, Anderson tells them to choose one person who is fearless, one who has a nice smile, and one who is the most trusted. Henry, Charlie, and Jennifer, in that order, are chosen, but when they learn that they’ll be doing laundry to raise money, they are not pleased. The other five players, meanwhile, must test their luck with a nice game. Rolling a 1, 2, or 3 gives them a simple task to do, like dying your hair. The other numbers give them an unpleasant task, like shaving your head. Most of the players wimp out of doing their challenges, but Kate saves everyone when she is offered the chance to do all four of the things the other players did. Because she agrees, she earns $40,000 and an exemption from the quiz that night, which proves vital, as Wendi becomes the Mole’s next victim.moreless
  • Part the Second
    Part the Second
    Episode 2
    The game becomes very real for the remaining players when they see that they won’t be staying for the entire time – with one down already, they scurry to gather as much information as possible about the mole. Their fifth day brings them with a surprise test – find and rescue one of their own, Steven, who has been taken to a secret location. Because of a mix-up with Jennifer and Henry, the group loses, so $50,000 is not added to the pot. Still in France, the contestants are broken up into three groups. The first group, chosen as those with good eyes, has to identify which of two Cartier watches is real. By using the town of Crest, the players succeed, earning $20,000. The other two groups, meanwhile, fail at their task: guiding each other through a cornfield maze, which means that out of a possible $130,000 offered in this episode, the group only earns $20,000 of it. After the strenuous tests, each player takes the quiz – 20 questions about the mole. Surprisingly, Afi scores the lowest on the quiz, and she is eliminated.moreless
  • Part the First
    Part the First
    Episode 1
    Not getting any time to get to know each other, the ten players fighting to figure out who the mole is are thrown into the first task - a skydiving challenge. Because all ten players jump, $75,000 is added to the pot. The contestants later fly to Paris, where they are tested on whether or not they can work together - they can either spend the night in Paris or in the hotel and if they are out past midnight, money is taken from the pot. Everyone cooperates, and no money is lost. The next day, after being given time to examine the profiles of all ten competitors, Host Anderson Cooper asks the players to pick two who remember the profile information the best. Those two people are told to do a series of equations relating to the contestant information, and then use the answer of all of the equations as a Pin number to unlock $50,000 for the pot. The team succeeds, but that night, all of the players are quizzed about the mole. Manuel proves that he knows the least about the identity of the mole when he is the first to be executed.moreless