The Mole - Season 2

ABC (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • The Last Betrayal
    The Last Betrayal
    Episode 13
    The players of The Mole II: The Next Betrayal are reunited to take their guesses at who won the game and who is the mole (both Bob and Rob guess both correctly) then stick around as the answers to those burning questions are revealed. Dorothy is the winner of the game (by only one question on the quiz) and Bill is revealed to be the mole. Throughout the night, we find out certain interesting things about the game, such as that it was Heather who turned Dorothy on to the fact that Bill was the mole and that Dorothy would have gone home on the night Elavia did had Elavia not been offered a $50,000 bribe. We also find out how the mole sabotaged the game (examples: refusing to wear a diaper and breaking the gnome in "Gnome Home"), as well as some of the hidden clues planted to help home viewers try and find the identity of the mole (telegram clue, pictures of ships, Mickey D's=McDaniels.)moreless
  • The Twelfth Betrayal
    Remaining Players: Dorothy, Heather, Bill
  • The Eleventh Betrayal
    Remaining Players: Al, Bill, Dorothy, and Heather A special delivery is brought by Kathryn Price, the original Mole. The contestants play a game called High Card, in order to see who has to sleep in Anderson's Funhouse. Dorothy is assigned to a small box with falling cockroaches, Al gets to sleep in a room that constantly plays "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho, Heather gets a room with a Python snake, and Bill wins and sleeps in a hotel room. Each person from the funhouse has to tell Bill about their night. Two of them have to lie.moreless
  • The Tenth Betrayal
    The Tenth Betrayal
    Episode 10
    A shopping spree game features the women shopping for items and the men trying to make a profit off them in a market. Later, the players play a game called Evader. This game offers some valuable money for the pot, but also exemptions to a couple of lucky players.
  • The Ninth Betrayal
    The Ninth Betrayal
    Episode 9
    While one set of celebrities participates in a wine-drinking game, another group us busy trying to assemble a car. All groups earn money, but greed on the part of a couple contestants leads to a funny secret game. Later, the players are led to a small room for a surprise late-night tetherball game. Suspicions arise when strange behavior denies money from the pot, one player of an exemption and leads host Anderson Cooper to challenge one player's "moral code."moreless
  • The Eighth Betrayal
    Katie was executed in this episode.
  • The Seventh Betrayal
    Elavia was executed in this episode.
  • The Sixth Betrayal
    The Sixth Betrayal
    Episode 6
    The first challenge the group divides into three groups. Katie, Bill and Myra must make at least 3 12-inch pizzas before 7 o'clock. Darwin, Elavia, Dorothy, Al, Bribbs and Heather must ride a bike uphill to get 2 bottles of wine for dinner. The groups succeeds and add $40,000 to the group pot. In the next challenge the players write down a list of there favorite people. Elavia, being voted least favorite, is offered an exemption or add $15,000 to the group pot. She takes the exemption and the group earns no money. In the end Myra is the mole's 6th victim and is sent home.moreless
  • The Fifth Betrayal
    The Fifth Betrayal
    Episode 5
    Heather, Al, and Myra must escape from jail cells using equipment provided or face missing phone calls home. The others must complete a series of questions while trying to figure out a another question using letters of the answered questions while others players tred water with weights over their necks.
  • The Fourth Betrayal
    The players have their memory tested in a game in which they try to crack a safe. The players receive a secret telegram that contains a vital, secret and unpicked-up-on clue. A secret game tests the moral integrity of the players and they are then separated into "dumb" and "smart" groups as brainteasers test whether the players in this edition are worthy of the "MENSA" tag the show has earned. One player's malicious, rule-breaking actions lead to a fine being levied on the entire group.moreless
  • The Third Betrayal
    The Third Betrayal
    Episode 3
    The show performs a journal swap in which each player gets someone else's journal. Patrick is intent that Katie not read his journal but she decides to anyway. Al earns an exemption and must award someone else one too and picks Katie after much thought. Lisa becomes the third person to be executed, much to the surprise of everyone.moreless
  • The Second Betrayal
    The teams complete a series of tasks involving quirky costumes. Ali and Bribs decide to lay back and have a beer at a Swiss bar which doesn't go over well with the players. Lisa and Dorothy earn exemptions by swaying Darwin and Katie to break a rule. It is revealed that the player's bags were not actually burned and that the bags that were burnt, were empty. Ali is executed.moreless
  • The First Betrayal
    The First Betrayal
    Episode 1
    The second group of Mole contestants come together and meet each other. They deal with a series of tasks in which they receive money in a group pot. They all receive journal's where they are to record their ideas,thoughts,etc. The show burns the bags of the contestants.