The Mole - Season 3

ABC (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Finale
    In this final episode of the first Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, viewers learn which celebrity is the winner and which is the mole. They also get a look back at hilarious scenes as well as molish moments throughout the show. Some interesting information is revealed about coalitions. All hidden clues are revealed, some more obvious than others.moreless
  • Final Hawaii Games
    Final Hawaii Games
    Episode 5
    As the games continue, coalition partners Kathy and Erik struggle to regroup, as their main mole suspect, Michael, has been executed and has left the game. Games include the classic "Three Questions" game and a cooperation game called "It Takes a Thief." This is a high-money earning episode, so the mole seems to be laying low. The players then prepare to take the final quiz to determine the winner of the game pot.moreless
  • Departure #4
    Departure #4
    Episode 4
    With four players left in the mix, the contestants take part in some surfing, some tumbling and some fighting for exemptions. The surfing game also brings a little hula-hoop action and the return of "Tiny Bubbles." Later, the celebrities try to exert their brainpower towards basic arithmetic in the hope of money for the pot and/or an exemption. Then comes a general knowledge test, followed a by matching card game for the best player and a seek-and-find game for the others.moreless
  • Departure #3
    Departure #3
    Episode 3
    While some of the celebrities participate in a raft-building game, another celebrity is put in a secret game in which they are tempted with an exemption. The celebrities also play a game called "Looky, Looky, Hot Pepper." In a little mousey business, the celebrities were chosen hot peppers to eat based on which directions mice ran. There were some standouts and some surprising and suspicious behavior.moreless
  • Departure #2
    Departure #2
    Episode 2
    The celebrities play a game in which they are assigned "occupations" and then are asked to perform crazy stunts based on those occupations. Watch walking on hot coals, wild plane-riding and more. In another game, one set of celebrities searches tombs at a graveyard while another set gets clues underwater to figure out what tombs to look at it. The result is something a surprise, leading to questions about molish behavior.moreless
  • Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Premiere
    We meet the celebrities and watch as they learn right away that they won't be playing "fakey half-games." Right away, they're tossed into a game in which they had to fill buckets with water to raise bags of money. There's some money winning, but also some failures. The players also play a very special game of blackjack involving sheep.moreless