The Mole

Season 5 Episode 5

The Mole 3.0, Episode 5

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0, Episode 5
During a cold evening, the players find themselves chained together in a game of trust. Faced with the prospect of spending the night in the cold, the game forces the players to make a choice as to whether or not anyone can be trusted to make a decision that will benefit the group as the whole, rather than merely looking out for their own interests. The players later travel from Uspallata to Mendoza, described as the "Napa Valley of Argentina." Though all are excited by the change in scenery, two players in particular find themselves at each other's throats during the van ride there. The conflict is broken up only when the decision is made by some players to switch vans. At the new destination, the players are tasked with a strongly physical challenge containing a huge twist. One contestant is offered a reward if the others fail and granted a great deal of power to sabotage their chances. The results of this challenge lead to a shift in the game for many, as reputations crumble and new suspicions are formed.moreless

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    This was actually my favorite episode of the season to this point and time. I thought both of the challeneges were good and at the same time I also thought the altercation between Clay and Paul was fun to watch. This is a game about people interacting with one another and one player is being paid to deceieve the rest of them. All that being said that means at leats one (if not both) of theplayers in that fight are not the mole. it adds a real dimension to the level that this people are getting to know one another on top of everything else. My pick for the mole at this point is so up in the air. It wouldnt make sense for Mark to not take the exemption if he was the mole in the first challenege. The only way that I could see him not taking it is to throw people off his trail. Bottom line is that no way should any money have been won in that game if the mole was playing the best they could the entire time, and if the mole IS mark I could understand him wanting to throw everyone off his trail. Mark is my pick for the mole right now.moreless
  • good episode...

    The challenges in this episode were very interesting and really shed light on who may be the mole. I'm terrible at this so I have no idea who the mole is...maybe Craig? Anyways, the first challenge was either to get a key or an exemption card. If no one got an exemption card, it added $25,000 to the pot. Mark is my favorite player and it was down to him. He decided to get the money. The other challenge was funny. Craig basically sabotaged the game so he could get an exemption. The other players were pissed. Seriously, what's the point of trying to go 5 miles in a llama costume? Overall, this was a very entertaining episode and I'm happy with who was eliminated.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Following the burning of all but two contestants' journals in the previous episode, those contestants who had their journals burned were given fresh, new journals to write in.

    • Challenges, the Pot and Exemptions: Both of this episode's games were closely tied to exemptions. Up to $55,000 was at stake in the two challenges.

      All for One: The players were chained by their ankles to steel bars. The goal was for all of them to free themselves from the chains, but only one could do it at a time. The players had to agree which player, if any, would be allowed to move forward to a window that contained both a key and an exemption. Up to $25,000 was at stake, but if at any time a player took the exemption, that player was freed but everyone left had to sleep for the night chained together, using provided sleeping bags if they so desired. No player took the exemption and all were freed, so the $25,000 was added to the pot.

      Travelers: In this mission, the goal was to travel 5.5 miles to the Cerro de la Gloria statue in 45 minutes. This is a statue celebrating Argentina's independence from the Spanish empire. The players were split into three teams. One player was assigned to be the transportation captain. Host Jon Kelley determined the captain by picking the first player to say the word "exemption" at the morning's breakfast, which was Craig. Each team that made it within the 45 minutes would receive $10,000, meaning that there was $30,000 at stake. The twist was that if no team made it, Craig would receive an exemption. As transportation captain, Craig was given the choice to determine how the players would be traveling. He told Alex to dress as a conquistador and bring along a donkey (which he couldn't ride) paired with Mark, who would be wearing a scuba outfit with flippers. Clay was assigned to ride a unicycle and paired with Kristen, assigned to stilts. Finally, Nicole was told to be the head of a llama costume with Paul bringing up the rear. No player chose to even attempt the mission, so no money was put in the pot and Craig received the exemption. Though it was called a "collective decision," Mark was the first to suggest that they shouldn't put themselves through this.


    • Fifth Player Executed: Kristen (Note: As with the previous week, the results on the quiz were a tie, meaning that the player with the lowest score who also finished the slowest went home. In this case, the difference was less than one second.)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Paul: I swear on my daughter Clay. I swear on my daughter Mark.
      Mark: Paul, I'm not disrespecting you, but you've been telling me all along that it's all about the hustle. Every day you say...
      Paul: This ain't a hustle. This is not a hustle, this is not a hustle.
      Mark: But I don't-- I don't know that, Paul.
      Paul: I can honestly say that this is the first time you can trust me in this game and the last time you can trust me in this game.

    • Kristen: I'm disappointed, but I guess my strategy in taking the quiz was to focus on one person, so if it wasn't this week, it would have been next.

    • Craig: There was a time in this game when I said that there's no way that Mark is the mole, but now, I have to go back on that. In the Dress Code mission--
      Mark: (in footage from the Dress Code mission) I'm out!
      Craig: -- he opted out and kept $5,000 from going in the pot. In this mission, he was the ringleader in getting people not even to try and what coach keeps his team from trying?

    • Clay: (in an interview segment) I thought it was a moment of shear genius. He chose Nicole to be the head of the llama and Paul to be the rear end. It was almost Shakespearean.
      Nicole: (also in an interview segment) I mean, how dare you? We saved your ass from the cold, then he picks me to be in a llama costume? Please. We are not cool.

    • Craig: (becoming the first contestant to say "exemption" during the morning's breakfast) I'm starting to feel like, uh, my health problems might be, uh, maybe exemption-worthy.
      Paul: You let him keep his journal. That's an exemption enough.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment) I think this game is -- is definitely bringing out the worst in people but I'm trying to not let it bring out the worst in me, which is why I left the van. (outside the van) Paul and Clay are at each other's throats.

    • Clay: (in an interview segment, regarding Mark) I'm still surprised he didn't take the exemption. I'm thinking - "Maybe he's the mole. Maybe he doesn't need the exemption."

    • Craig: (regarding the All for One game) I could see Mark staying there all night. He's lost all trust.

    • Paul: I don't need the exemption. I'm swearing on my daughter. (in an interview segment) I figured I had to pull the ultimate trust card with these people.

    • Mark: I don't know. I tell you, after watching my journal burn up, I don't trust anybody.
      Paul: (in an interview segment) The minute Mark's journal was burnt, there was a change in Mark. A little piece of him was burnt with that -- with that journal.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment) Yesterday, I had a lot of problems with the altitude and I almost died in an ambulance.
      Nicole: So, why is it everybody I pick to be the mole gets executed and I don't?

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