The Mole

Season 5 Episode 7

The Mole 3.0, Episode 6

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0, Episode 6
The remaining players continue with the game in Mendoza, Argentina. Nicole notes her position as the "last woman standing" and states that she'd like to be the last player standing. The players visit the Lagrarde Vineyard, makers of the finest Malbec wine, where they take part in a complex challenge that involves both the solving of brain-teasers and some good, old-fashioned hoofing. Despite a strong performance in the challenge, certain activities by some players lead others to wonder if any sort of potential sabotage may have been attempted. The players later head to a bridge over the Mendoza River where they are told not only to bungee jump but also to attempt to hit a target. As an added twist, before jumping, each contestant is asked to guess how much money the group will make during the challenge. That evening, before the execution, two players hatch a conspiracy to get another contestant drunk in the hope of messing up that contestant's quiz performance.moreless

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    Really good epsiode I thought. I would have figured that I would have had the mole down by now by watching this on the television, but for some reason I think because of edits I havent been able to fully figure it out yet. In my last review I said that I thought it was Mark, but the Mole would have then single handedly added $70,000 to the pot. Im sure the Mole does have to add some money to the pot in order to appear to be the Mole, but to add the most ammount of money that has ever been offered after being on the treadmill for so long is very un-molelike. That brings me around to thinking that the mole could be someone else, the problem is who it could be. Nicole makes too obvious a mole and I dont think Clay is smart enough to be one. That being said, he did get angry with Paul a few episodes ago and I thought he was going to be kicked out for that because I figured most reality shows have that rule about fighting and stuff. That being said, Clay moves atop my leaderboard for possible mole.

    1. Clay

    2. Mark

    3. Paul

    4. Nicole

    5. Craigmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Challenges, the Pot and Exemption: Up to $130,000 was at stake in the two challenges featured in this episode.

      The Grapes of Cash: The players were sent to a vineyard where they had to find seven bottles of Malbec wine stashed within the fields. In order to do this, they were split into two teams -- the Thinkers (Craig, Paul and Nicole) and the Runners (Alex, Mark and Clay). Paul was designated as the Best Communicator and Mark was designated as the Best Runner. Craig and Nicole were given a series of multiple-choice puzzles to solve. Each correct answer would provide coordinates for a wine bottle, whereas incorrect answers would provide incorrect coordinates. Paul, as the Best Communicator, relayed these coordinates to Alex and Clay through a cell phone, who had to enter them into a GPS device and then search for the bottles. As the Best Runner, Mark was placed on a treadmill. As long as he could keep running, the game would keep going, but if at any time he stopped, the game ended and no money would be put in the pot. Mark was allowed to help answer the questions, but Paul could not. All seven wine bottles were found and Mark remained on the treadmill (over 50 minutes), so the full $70,000 was added to the pot.

      Swing Out: The players were given the opportunity to bungee jump and while doing so were given a bag of maté to throw at a target. The bulls-eye was worth $10,000, with rings heading outwards decreasing by $2,000. Additionally, the players were given a chance at an exemption. Before jumping, they were asked to make an estimate as to how much money would be put into the pot in this game. The player that came the closest without going over would win, assuming that player chose to jump. All players jumped, but only one, Alex, so much as hit the rings, adding $4,000 to the pot. Additionally, all of the players went over on their estimates (Mark's was the lowest at $10,000), so no player received an exemption.


    • Sixth Player Executed: Alex (Note: Alex's results were the first ones checked.)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jon: (following Alex's execution) You seem to be taking it pretty well, man.
      Alex: Oh, it was a heck of a run. I played the game pretty dangerously.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment) Not using lies and deceit in this game is like not bringing a bat and a glove to baseball.

    • Nicole: Okay, I'm writing in my journal.
      Paul: Why bother now?
      Nicole: I don't know. Because Clay's been writing so much and Mark's been writing so much and I'm starting to feel guilty.

    • Clay: I think they moved the target.
      Jon: Yeah, I think it was your brain moving around in your skull. That's what it is.

    • Paul: I don't see you out here on no freakin' ledge.
      Jon: Actually, I did it, and I hit the target.
      Paul: Oh, this sucks.

    • Mark: My quiz time is still slower than Alex, and you know what we need to do? Next quiz, we should encourage him to drink as much as he wants.
      Clay: I've been doing that every quiz.

    • Paul: (in an interview segment, regarding Mark's performance in the "The Grapes of Cash" mission) Mark-- I thought-- was amazing. Not only did he keep the pace for the group and kept the time going, he answered most of the questions.

    • Clay: (during the "The Grapes of Cash" mission) You gotta love the order of these things, back and forth, huh? All right. (in an interview segment) If you find one wine bottle, way over there, the next wine bottle was in the complete opposite direction. So I think it was designed to kind of get you scattered and flustered.

    • Paul: For a doctor, you're not too smart.
      Nicole: You know what, you're about to kiss my ass, okay?
      Paul: That hairy thing? I ain't touching that, trust me.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment) Paul raises his voice as loud as he can, "Oh, it's me, I'm the best communicator" and I go "Oh great, there goes Paul's mouth one more time."

    • Clay: (in an interview segment) I would think that coming to a vineyard, it's going to be this pleasant aroma of bubbly wine, but actually, you know, it actually stinks. It smells bad.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment) Dr. Diva is the last woman standing and, um, although I'm proud to be the last woman standing, I'd rather be the last player standing.

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