The Mole

Season 5 Episode 8

The Mole 3.0, Episode 7

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0, Episode 7
In Mendoza, the contestants are asked to split into a group of two "Dumb Players" and a group of three "Smart Players" for a challenger. Both groups are tasked with a series of a mathematical puzzles that also test their puzzles of memory and concentration. The challenge sends them scrambling throughout Mendoza and although it is won in the nick of time, the close-call leads many to speculate on potential sabotage. Later the contestants fly from Mendoza, Argentina to Buenos Aires, the nation's capital. Here, they face a challenge that gives them not only the opportunity to earn money, but also a shot at something potentially more valuable, time spent with their families. Despite some joyous reunions, one player finds herself less than thrilled with their position in the game and hints at the possibility that they may throw the quiz in order to be sent home.moreless

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  • Review

    It was a good episode but you can see that this is just one of those shows that is going to struggle a little bit when it gets down to so few players. Five players remained in this episode and I thought any one of them could have been the mole. I just bumped Clay up to my number one spot about an hour ago, so now I have to rethink and come up with a new mole. Is Marks job done with sabotaging missions? Hes always trying to get involved and I always thought that was mole activity. I notice a lot of attention is paid to people thinking that Mark is the mole. I really think Craig would be a great mole, only because no one would see it coming. Right now its a toss up to me, I don't think its Paul. He is the one who I would bet my life it isn't at the moment.

    1. Mark

    2. Craig

    3. Nicole

    4. Paulmoreless
  • good episode...

    So, it's getting down to the end and it should be obvious who the mole is...but I don't know. I think it's Craig... Anyways, the fist contest was that the five split up into two groups, one smart and one dumb. It seemed like everyone was sabotaging the game and so no one person stood out to me as being the mole. In the next challenge, the contestants had to choose the one they trusted the most and then that person had to memorize info about their loved ones. 3 out of 5 questions right meant that they could see their loved ones. Everyone got to be reuinted, which I loved because it would be really sad if one person couldn't. In the end, another person left. I'm rooting for Mark so I'm happy he's still in it. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the mole.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Challenges and the Pot: Up to $80,000 was at stake in this episode's two challenges.

      Go Figure: In this challenge, the players had an all-or-nothing shot at $30,000. They were split into two teams -- the Dumb Team (consisting of Craig and Nicole) and the Smart Team (consisting of Paul, Clay and Mark) based on their personal choices. The Dumb Team had to solve puzzles to come up with five numbers, but each of the numbers was either two or three digits. The Smart Team only had to solve three puzzles, but was dealing with four and five digit numbers. They had seventy minutes to solve the puzzles, based on things that could be found in various areas of Mendoza. Both teams had to be present to enter the codes. Both returned within the allotted time and entered the codes, however, two of the digits were wrong on one of the Dumb Team's codes. The clock was reset to twenty minutes with only one remaining chance to get it right. Additionally, only one member of the Dumb Team could be sent back to try to resolve the puzzle. Nicole was sent, but returned with a number that was obviously incorrect. Clay, on the other hand, figured out that it was a mathematical puzzle and came up with the correct number. Therefore, $30,000 was added to the pot in this mission.

      Ticket to Ride: In this challenge, players were given the opportunity to spend time with members of their family. They each had to pick one other player that they said that they trusted. Mark chose Clay, Paul chose Mark, Craig chose Clay, Clay chose Nicole and Nicole chose Mark. Each player was given three minutes to fill their chosen trusted partner in on the answers to a series of thirty questions, from which Jon would ultimately select five to quiz the trusted player on. Regardless of whether or not answers were provided, all thirty questions remained in the mix to be chosen for the possible five. In order for each player to see their loved one and earn $10,000 for the pot, the trusted partner had to answer three out of the five questions correctly. Ultimately, all players succeeded at this challenger, earning $50,000 for the pot.


    • Seventh Player Executed: Clay (Note: The quiz results were a tie, meaning that the player with the lowest score who also took the longest time answering was sent home.)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Mark: (in an interview segment, regarding Clay) In this game, that often has been ugly, he brought just an honorable way of playing. It's down to four now. It's going to probably get ugly again.

    • Jon: Tonight, we do have a tie.
      Nicole: Oops.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment) If I throw the quiz on purpose, then they didn't get me-- the boys-- none of them.

    • Nicole: My plan is to self-execute, throw the quiz, and walk away hand-in-hand with my mother.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment, regarding the Ticket to Ride mission) I think the mole has to have a heart on this one. It was unthinkable that anybody could have even considered sabotaging that mission.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment) I was very excited that my wife would be here.
      Paul: (in the train station) Come on, Mark.
      Mark: (in an interview segment) But at the same time, in my head, I'm thinking "This isn't going to end well."

    • Clay: (regarding Mark) He's overcompensating. Nobody's that paranoid.
      Nicole: He's always writing.

    • Paul: The math magician. How'd you figure that out?
      Clay: (in an interview segment) We're all jumping for joy because it's almost like a miracle. Here you are pulling this number out of thin air-- I can barely explain how I figured it out.

    • Craig: 13, 21, 89, 144.
      Nicole: Jazz hands.
      Jon: The Dumb Team returns to Plaza Italia for their last clue.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment, regarding Craig's actions during the Go Figure mission) I think he tried to mess me up. Because as we were keeping a tally, we came up with 55, then he changed it to 50 and he tried to slide it in on the sneak tip. I was like "look at you. Shame."

    • Craig: We're dumb. (does a Beavis laugh)
      Nicole: You do math, I do memorizing.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment) Tonight helped, because I was absolutely certain Alex wasn't the mole and now he's gone.

    • Tori: I think, Paul, could be the mole just because he is always a surprise. You never know what's gonna happen. Never.
      Paul: I think of it in terms of, the mole doesn't get three hundred-plus thousand dollars, do you still think that I should be the mole?
      Tori: No, that sucks.

    • Ledora: (about Nicole's plan to purposely get sent home by doing poorly on the quiz) You couldn't do it?
      Nicole: As soon as I sat in front of that computer, I knew I couldn't do it.
      Ledora: Omarosa.
      Nicole: Leave me alone, ma.

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