The Mole

Season 5 Episode 9

The Mole 3.0, Episode 8

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0, Episode 8
As one contestant deals with losing his coalition partner, the contestants are all put to the test in a series of "kid games." Split into two teams, one member of each acts as the other's eyes by manipulating a camera that sends backwards images to goggles that they are wearing in a series of challenges. The final challenge of the set proves much tougher than the others, testing the mettle, speed and balance of the players in the goggles. Later on, the results of a puzzle challenge determine the sniper in a game of paintball with both money and a potential exemption on the line. Later, the penultimate quiz reveals the final three.moreless

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    This game has certainly narrowed down to some of the best players to watch all season long. There are aspects of all of the players that could lead them to be the Mole. Marks obsession over his journal and quitting a few missions early in the game were kind of suspect, but at the same time he added so much money to the pot in some of the challeneges its hard to put him down as the mole. Nicole has been so obvious about her mistakes that you would have to put her as the worst mole in the history of the game if it turned out to be her. Craig has done a lot to cost the team money, but his weight is an issue in a lot of the challeneges. This is really hard to deduce who is the mole, which mean the show is doing something right. I would have to go with Craig or Mark at this point, with Craig being the mole.moreless
  • the final four fight it out to attempt to be in the finale three....

    The exemption in this episode was the most important exemption in the game. Mark got it, yay.... I thought the puzzle was hard and I would have taken forever to figure it out. The paint ball looked like it would be easy to get to the door, but apparently not becuase Mark was able to shoot two people with little paintball experience. I thought the kid games part was funny because the contestants were so terrible. My favorite player is Mark and I don't think he's the mole because he always does his best to get the money. I think the mole is Craig, but I'm terrible at these games so I'll probably end up being wrong. Overall, another solid episode of The Mole and I'm happy my favorite has made it to the finals!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Challenges, the Pot and Exemption: Up to $109,000 was at stake in this episode's two challenges.

      How's the View?: In this challenge, host Jon Kelley asks two players to choose themselves as being "Young at Heart." Craig and Paul chose this and then were paired respectively with Nicole and Mark to form teams. Craig and Paul then had to wear Myvu goggles which made everything look backwards and were connected to cameras operated by Nicole and Mark. They then faced an "obstacle course for kids." In the first test, they had to insert shapes into holes in a box. They had one minute to complete the challenge. Mark and Paul got a perfect score of three out of three for $3,000. Craig and Nicole initially scored perfectly as well, but were penalized for a violation of the rules. The players holding the cameras were told not to talk and Nicole talked at one point, so they ended up with two out of three for $2,000. In the next challenge, the Young at Heart players were given the chance to kick soccer balls into a goal for $4,500 each. Both teams went zero for two on this challenge. The next challenge was a tea party, in which the Young at Heart players could fill up to four teacups up past a line with tea for $2,500 each. If at any time they spilled any tea whatsoever, the cup did not count. Paul and Mark got two out of four for $5,000, whereas Craig and Nicole only got one out four for $2,500. In the final challenge, the kid games were abandoned for a much more harrowing test. The "Young at Heart" players had to walk high above the ground and pick up a piece of chalk on the middle of a plank, at which point they had one minute to make it to the end and copy down a message on a chalkboard- "The mole was here." Paul and Mark completed this challenge for $10,000, but Craig and Nicole did not. In all, $22,500 was added to the pot in this mission.

      Cell Out: Each player was locked in a numbered cell containing a puzzle. The puzzle, called a "doublet," required them to change the word "cell" to the word "mole" one letter at a time. Mark completed the puzzle first (in 53 seconds) and, as such, earned the right to be the shooter in a paintball course. By shooting at the other three players as they made their way through the course, he had the opportunity to earn an exemption that one of them was carrying. If he did not shoot the player with the exemption, then nobody would earn an exemption. Additionally, any player that made it through successfully earned $15,000 for the pot. Only Paul made it through, so $15,000 was added to the pot in this challenge. Craig was shot, and since he carried the exemption card, Mark won the exemption.


    • Eighth Player Executed: Paul (Note: Paul's name was the first entered.)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jon: (as Paul unwittingly feels him with the MyVu goggles on) Do not touch the host.

    • Craig: In some ways, Paul will be missed. In other ways, you know...
      Nicole: Other ways not.
      Craig: Not.

    • Jon: You said you knew it, huh?
      Paul: Yeah, I kinda had a feeling. The minute Mark got that exemption-- I know that exemption killed me.

    • Jon: Tonight, Mark is the proud owner of the game's final exemption. Unfortunately, for the other three players, you are at risk, meaning one of you will be going home.

    • Paul: (in an interview segment) At this point, my biggest fear is that Mark will receive an exemption.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment) My biggest concern is that I've never played a game of competitive paintball in my life. It couldn't have been more foreign to me.

    • Nicole: (voiceover) I've been wanting to shoot somebody ever since I got here.

    • Paul: (to Craig) You were the funniest thing to watch, trying to grab the chalk that was not there.

    • Paul: (regarding Craig) He's looking at this piece of chalk that he can't see and is not there.
      Craig: (voiceover) I had no idea it was actually four feet away from me.

    • Paul: (in an interview segment, regarding his appraisal of Craig's chances on the final portion of the How's the View? mission) This is gonna be a tough, tough thing for Craig to do. He might make his way across that plank-- it just might take him, you know, a couple hours to do it.

    • Jon: (taunting Paul during the final portion of the How's the View? mission) Just like watching TV?
      Paul: Oh. Oh (bleep).
      Jon: That first step's a killer, man.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment, blaming Nicole in turn for the problems during How's the View?) Nicole would have been much better wearing these goggles rath-- rather than holding the camera. So I really don't think she has a-- a future in movie-making.

    • Nicole: (regarding Craig, during the soccer portion of the How's the View? challenge) When he goes for the second one and it goes all the way to the left and has nothing to do with the net-- it does make me a little bit suspicious.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment) Clay was my friend. He was my coalition partner. He was the one person that, except for a fleeting moment of my weakness, I always felt I could trust. Tonight, something went wrong.

    • Jon: Previously on The Mole-- Paul and Nicole had it out for each other from the start.

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