The Mole

Season 5 Episode 10

The Mole 3.0, Episode 9

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0, Episode 9
The remaining players are given a brief chance to reflect on their final three status before being plunged directly into the final challenge. They are placed in a room and told they have one hour to defuse a bomb before $50,000 goes up in smoke. No other explicit instructions are given. The players struggle to solve puzzles within the room they have been placed to complete the challenge. Later, the contestants find themselves outdoors in Buenos Aires for their final challenge. Each is given their own set of clues which they must solve in order to then be assigned to tasks to complete. The prize comes in the form of an interesting choice-- accept $75,000 for the pot or sacrifice it for a chance to look inside the mole's dossier. Finally, the three contestants take the final quiz that determines who is the winner, who the runner-up and who is the mole.moreless

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  • good episode...

    It's down to the finale three...and they all want the poit, except for the mole. The contestants first had to difuse a bomb by solving different puzzles. Mark is becoming more and more suspicious as the mole....he is sitll my favorite though and I still put my money on Craig to be the mole. Anyways, the other challenge was to solve different clues and do different things in Beunos Aires. Mark won! Yay! I thought that Craig should have won because he knew the most about the city. Then the conestants all took the test...and that was it. I thought this was the last episode, but I was wrong. Oh well. I hope Mark wins or turns out to be the mole because he is my favorite. I don't want Nicole or Craig to win. Overall, another solid episode of The Mole.moreless
  • Review

    Nicoles ultimate failed attempt to try and win the briefcase is the most puzzling piece of this episode. I mean, she didn't even try. If she is the mole she did nothing to try and keep the 75,000 out of the pot. If she is not the mole, then she did nothing to try and get more money into the pot or to get the breifcase at the end. Mark winning the challenege was expected and he took the breifcase instead of the money, but I believe that all of them would have. I think Mark is the mole. He tries to stall in the bomb mission and then winning the last challenege made him keep 75,000 out of the pot. I think Craig will win this game, as I think he targeted Mark in the final quiz. I was hoping for the resutls tonight, but we will have to wait for next week.

    Winner: Craig

    Runner Up: Nicole

    Mole: Markmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • During the first mission (Tick Tock Boom), Nicole, while reading the Time Zone map, incorrectly states that Greenwich and Paris are in the same time zone. That is never the case. Paris is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time during the winter, and 2 hours ahead of it during Daylight saving time (a.k.a. summer time). Ultimately, this mistake does not effect the outcome of the mission, though it may have contributed to the contestants' not being able to fully solve the final puzzle that provided them with the clue directing them to which wire to cut.

    • The final quiz contained twenty questions as opposed to the ten that have been featured on all other quizzes this season. Additionally, this final quiz contained questions related to events that took place throughout the season and not just in this episode.

    • Challenges and the Pot: Up to $125,000 was at stake in this episode's two challenges.

      Tick Tock Boom: The players were placed in a room and told to defuse a bomb within one hour or $50,000 for the pot being kept inside bulletproof glass would go up in smoke. They were given no other instructions, but the room contained various items to help them solve a puzzle. By finding a hidden map of time zones, they were able to solve a series of puzzles with then were used for a word puzzle containing a set of letters that, if properly found and unscrambled, read out as a clue that told them exactly what to do to defuse the bomb. Though they did find all of the correct letters, they were able to find just enough to figure out that part of the clue was "red + blue." They correctly deduced that they needed to cut the purple wire and did so with only a little more than 20 seconds on the clock. Thus, they added $50,000 to the pot. (The correct clue was "Cut wire that is red + blue.")

      Three to Tango: The players began this mission in front of Casa Rosada (the Pink House, where the Argentinian president works.) They were each given a set of three clues, randomly assigned. Each player was sent to different locations by the clues. Players first had to figure out a clue and then phone in to Jon when they believed they had figured out the location. If correct, they were assigned a task that they had to complete and take a picture of themselves doing before moving on the the next clue. Upon completing all three clues, they were directed to the final destination-- the Calatrava Bridge. Mark was the first to arrive at this final destination and as such, faced a choice once Craig and Nicole both arrived. (Nicole did not complete her third task and was sent for by car.) Upon their arrival, Mark was given the choice to either add $75,000 to the pot or look inside the mole's dossier, which could contain information that might help him do the best on the final quiz (assuming he wasn't the mole.) He chose to look at the mole's dossier.

      FINAL POT: $420,000 (Host Jon Kelley rounded up to this amount from $418,500.)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Craig: (voiceover) Mark has kept $165,000 out of the pot almost singlehandedly, and today he kept $75,000 out of the pot by taking the dossier.

    • Nicole: (voiceover) You can't fault the mole for being the mole.

    • Craig: Twenty questions between me and $420,000. Wish me luck, because I need it.

    • Jon: If weren't sharp and smart and quick, you guys wouldn't be here, now would you?
      Nicole: I click fast.
      Craig: Pure skill.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment) I am a little disappointed that Mark took the dossier instead of putting money in the pot, but it wasn't unexpected, because it's the mole's job to keep the money out of the pot.

    • Craig: (voiceover) I can see Mark out there on the bridge and my heart just sank. This was my mission to lose.

    • Mark: (upon learning that the final destination for the Three to Tango mission is the Calatrava Bridge) Craig has been dying to walk on that bridge since the day we got here.

    • Jon: (voiceover) Having been caught lying, Nicole must once again ask someone to buy her dulce de leche and take a picture with her.

    • Nicole: This is dulce de leche.
      Jon: I do have, um, my mole spies everywhere and I've been told it was a hot fudge sundae.
      Nicole: You suck.

    • Nicole: So the next one is dulce de leche.
      Jon: You are correct. You ready for your task?
      Nicole: I'm really not. I would really love to go tanning right now and get a pedicure.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment, expressing doubts about his ability to win the Three to Tango mission) I am a very strong runner, but Craig knows this city way better than I do. He's been reading about it since day one that he got into his room.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment) Even if I am dead wrong about who the mole is, it doesn't matter. I'm still in the top three, regardless, which is an amazing feat, and yeah, I kicked ass. Period. I'm a badass.

    • Craig: (regarding the Tick Tock Boom mission) This was the most spy-like mission and it took all of us working together to figure it out.

    • Mark: (in an interview segment, during the Tick Tock Boom mission) The way to keep an eye on fellow players is to make sure nobody is doing the same job all the time.

    • Nicole: (in an interview segment) We are to defuse a bomb that is attached to $50,000 and that's all the instruction Jon gives us. He says "good luck." He leaves the room because he knows something's gonna blow up and he doesn't wanna be there.

    • Craig: So now you're gonna self-execute, right?
      Nicole: Um, no.

    • Craig: (in an interview segment) I am in the final three... and Paul's not here. I... love... this... game.

    • Jon: (recapping events from last week) And in the end, the players were left... Paul free.

  • NOTES (0)