The Mole

Season 5 Episode 1

The Mole 3.0 Premiere

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 02, 2008 on ABC
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The Mole 3.0 Premiere
Jon Kelley hosts the return of The Mole, a reality-competition that follows twelve players on a worldwide adventure. One of them is the mole, a saboteur that could thwart their efforts at anytime. The games began immediately with a challenge that required each of the players to dive waterfall and grab for money -- with the exception of a single player who was left to determine which should jump for real money, and which for fake. When only a small portion of the available money is put in the pot, suspicions immediately flare as to who could be the mole. That evening, some contestants are less than satisfied with their sleeping arrangements when a set of players is told they must sleep outside. One player thwarts the rules by staying awake all night. Later, the teams are sent to a beach to participate in a scavenger-hunt style game. Though they fare somewhat better, winning a majority of the available money, evidence of possible sabotage leads some to wonder if the mole is already at work. The players nervously face the evening's first execution after airing a series of ten challenging questions regarding whom they believe to the be the mole. One player, who seemed to have been given an early advantage, is eliminated in a surprising execution.moreless

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  • glad to see it's back!

    This episode is the first of the new season so it has to introduce the rules and all of the competetors. It's intersting seeing all of the different ages, genders, and occupations of the people and I'm already rooting for some to win. I'm anxious to see who the mole is; I think it's too early to tell. Anyways, I thought this episode was a bit slow. I was getting bored during the waterfall challenge, but I really liked the island challenge. The whiny lady was really annoying and I like the history teacher the most so far. Overall, good start, but it could have been better.moreless
  • I'ved watched The Mole since season one. I even endured the travesty that was Celebrity Mole so I was glad to hear that the show was returning. Unfortunately, I have mediocre feelings for this first episode.moreless

    Perhaps it's because I loved the original, but to me, the new version is not quite there yet. Everything about the original Mole was terrific. The host, Anderson Cooper, was perfect for the role. I liked the way he would describe each situation. The new host is OK but I'm so used to Anderson's delivery that it takes away alot of the charm from this new version. Also what happened to the great opening music? This new version is not as intense or exciting and doesn't get me pumped up like in the old episodes. I can't put my finger on it but something is definitely lacking. Perhaps a few more episodes will convince me and I'll grow to love it again. But I loved the original version from the start. It was THAT GOOD. To me, this new pilot episode, is simply "ok".moreless
  • Review

    First time watching the show and I thought it was pretty intresting for the most part. Seems like every episode will be two challenges where we have to sit at home and try to figure out which of the people is trying to sabotage the game. This game is a mindscrew from beginning to end because you have the mole trying to mess things up and other people who are also trying to mess things up on purpose. It's an interesting concept for the show and its really hard for anyone to formulate a guess until the final weeks I think. That being said Bobbi is my number 1 right now, though if I were playing this game I would try to sabotage everything anyway, so people thought I was the mole to begin with. The fact that this man was holding his sides after 5 minutes of running around the beach was pretty weird to me. 100% convinced that it IS NOT old lady, fat guy, or 42 yr old history teacher guy.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Going into the final commercial break, closed-captioning read "Get ready America, the quiz is coming up next." but nothing could be heard on the audio.

    • Execution Ceremony Format: Rather than entering the players' names into a computer, as in all past seasons, Jon Kelley makes use of a touch-screen. He first touches the name/photo on the screen, bringing up a larger image. Another button then reveals either the green or red thumbprint, indicating whether the player is safe or executed.

    • Exemption: Nicole, having been voted "Most Whiny" by the other players, was stranded on a beach. She was not present to take the quiz and received the game's first exemption.

    • The top potential prize winnings are now $500,000 -- half as much the one million dollars available on the original editions of the program, but twice as the $250,000 available on the celebrity editions.

    • Challenges and The Pot: Up to $85,000 was at stake in the first two challenges.

      Waterfall Dive: Contestants had to go over a waterfall while making a dive for a bag. Six players were grabbing for bags of cash, while five bags contained fake mole money. Marcie, voted most likely to be the mole by the other players, was asked to secretly choose which would be playing for real money and which would be playing for fake mole money. Six contestants obtained bags, but only two contained real money, for a total of $20,000.

      Selkirk Scavenger Hunt: The players were asked to select which of their fellow players they felt was the biggest whiner and all selected Nicole, following her having stayed up all night the previous night because she refused to sleep outside in the cold. Nicole picked six scavengers -- Craig, Marcie, Alex, Bobby, Victoria and Clay; three appraisers -- Kristie, Liz and Mark; two timekeepers -- Paul and Ali. The scavengers then had to search amongst 45 items on a beach for five that Selkirk took with him to the beach in 1704 in the novel Robinson Crusoe. The appraisers then had to appraise all items found and make the final selections for the five. They were given a total of three times to select a set of five items and then ring a bell. After reach ringing, they were told how many items were correct. The two timekeepers had to constantly pour sand into an hourglass to try to extend the available time. The players correctly identified three items, for $15,000.

      TOTAL POT: $35,000

    • First Player Executed: Marcie

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Marcie: It was an amazing opportunity and it was challenging -- extremely challenging -- mentally, physically.

    • Paul: (in an interview segment) Right now, Marcie is my major coalition partner. I don't believe she's the mole. At this point, I'm using Alex and I'm -- I'm actually drawing him towards Marcie, which is a beautiful thing.

    • Jon: (voiceover) While Nicole tries to make herself comfortable all alone on the beach, the wheels are turning inside the heads of the other eleven players.

    • Mark: (as Craig brings over a big sign reading "Enjoy your day at the beach. One of you will be going home. - The Mole") Craig brought over the mole sign. That's not funny.

    • Paul: (in an interview segment) Nicole comes in, (in a hick accent) "I got a way to circumvent the rules." The girl expected to be put up in five star hotels, so she just kept getting more and more on my nerves. If you can't do it, you shouldn't be here.

    • Nicole: I don't have to do anything but stay black and die. That's all I ever have to do.

    • Marcie: (in an interview segment, regarding being left alone while the other players jumped the falls) Being isolated from the group, I didn't like it, because, um, I wanted to get to know those players. So it kinda bothered me just a little bit that I didn't get to go do that.

    • Ali: (in an interview segment, regarding going over the waterfall) I said "Dear Lord, Jesus, I don't know what the heck I'm doing here right now. Please just give me your strength. Help me through this."

    • Alex: (interview) My greatest fear are [sic] definitely falling from a great height and -- and, you know, finding myself drowning.

    • Jon: (voiceover, regarding the players) They may look like nice people, but one is the mole, here to sabotage.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Featured in the Highlights section of the June 2-8, 2008 issue of TV Guide magazine as well as in a full-page ad.

    • Originally slated to premiere May 26, 2008, but pushed back by one week for unstated reasons.

    • Jon Kelley replaces Ahmad Rashad, the host of the celebrity editions of the program. The producers expressed a desire for a fresher, younger host and held a nationwide casting call. Anderson Cooper, the original host of the series, remains unavailable due to his duties with CNN and other news-reporting work.

    • Billed as "The Mole 3.0," though schedule listings give the name as merely The Mole. Actually the fifth season of the program, including the two celebrity editions that followed the original two civilian editions of the program. No official episode title is provided at this time.