The Moment of Truth

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101 - Ty Keck/George Ortuzar

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • I can't believe I bought the hype!

    After being hooked up to a lie detector and asked 50 questions, 21 are chosen. The premise is simple, answer truthfully, win money; 1 false and you loose it all! To help add to the "pressure" some important people are sitting near by and they have a button which can only be used once. Push it if you don't want to hear an answer and to have another question asked. The hook of the whole thing is each question gets progressively more personal.

    I only bothered to watch the first one, after that I changed it, not believing I actually bothered to watch it. The first few are silly and fun, "have you ever admired yourself in a mirror?" "did you look at the privates of other players while in the shower" stuff like that. There were some tough questions like "is the reason you're delaying having children because you feel your wife won't be your life partner?" while he answered yes, to me that was a "so what?" answer. People ask themselves that all the time. The question that burned him was "have you ever touched a female client more than necessary?" Hell, if you ever hugged a female client, that was more than necessary!

    One of the problems I had with the questions was they were intentionally direct yet vague, see example above. We all have secrets so when you ask a question about it "have you done something to cause your wife not to trust you" you have to answer yes! Doesn't mean you've had an affair or anything but that's what it SOUNDS like. Perception is everything. They don't take circumstances into account so you have to answer in a way that seems inappropriate that may not be if an explanation was given.

    As for the host, he's got to go! Howie Mandel makes a boring show like Deal or No Deal interesting. Walberg make something intense uninteresting and trite. Then I came to the ultimate realization: I REALLY don't care what these people answer. I DON'T CARE! And finally, I have to say this: If a STUPID game show like this can ruin a friendship or marriage, it was already ruined.
  • Review

    I thought the show was worth the hype for the most part, with only a few issues in the first episode that I saw. These people know the questions they are going to be asked before they come on the show. They should never ever get a question wrong once the question has been asked which is why I was surprised that the first guy got the question wrong as he was going into his 25,000 question. I think the first guy escaped without too much damage to his personal life, which is good consdiering that he walked away with nothing. The second guy has had a rougher 7 questions to start off, so Im happy to see that he is coming back on the next episode. Overall, a solid pilot episode and I hope that the pace of the questions can pick up to more then 18 questions an episode.
  • This show has some stuff to work out...

    Is this a bad show? No, I don't think so. It provides for suspense, and controversy and things to be discussed. I find it fun to watch after this episode and I will watch the next episode. There are some things that obviously need to work out though. One thing is that this show could be staged. I don't know, there is just that sneaking suspision. Another thing is the un-needed pauses to think about there answer. Let's think about it. Say True, and it's true. Say False, and if you are lying everyone will know anyway. I don't find how it is hard, I guess it is a concious thing. Two people in 50(about) minutes? Well... I don't know. Also, some of the questions that were asked in this question were really interesting and suspenseful, but some of them(example was the second guy: are you a member of the hair club, or something like that) I find this question so eh, who cares. If they want to keep people watching, I think this show needs to do a little better. The previews for the next episode looks good, I hope to see... so this episode was ok. Is this show in my favorites? No. But it is keeping me watching.