The Moment of Truth

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 102 - George Ortuzar/Christie Youssef

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • "That lie-detector show" seemed to have some promise. But this episode showed me exactly why I should never, ever watch again. If you like endless padding, phony suspense, ridiculous recaps and more, this show is for you. If not, keep reading.

    Well, here were are. The second episode of "The Moment of Truth" and the last episode I'll ever be watching. I decided to tape the show and I'm so glad I did. FOX began the show with seemingly endless amounts of padding, promos, and recap, and then asked one question before going to commercial. The rest of the episode was a hodge-podge of boringness, repetitiveness, and generally noncompelling TV.

    This show stops becoming interesting precisely at the moment you realize you really couldn't give a monkey's tail whether or not these contestants are lying or telling the truth, whether or not they did this and that supposedly naughty thing, so on, so on. Huge yawn.

    I wanted to like this show. I'm a fan of the host, and the concept seemed like it might be interesting. But the format of the show just does not work. Goodbye "Moment of Truth."
  • I will defy you all!

    Ok, go ahead. I gave this episode a good score. Just go ahead and disagree and not read what I have to say. I honestly don't mind the least bit. Well, here is what I thought. I thought this episode was a little better than last weak, believe it or not. The questions were way more suspenseful and actually made you care to listen to them. The whole happy thing admitting he wasn't too bad of a gambler in the first part actually didn't come off as cheesy to me. Hey, if you think this show is fake, why even bother reviewing it(not being offensive to anyone, of course)? So other people will stop watching the show? I don't think one review will be enough. So anyway, the second person was good as well... even if the people don't do bad things that much, the questions are suspenseful, and that's why certain people watch this show. So it may not appeal to certain people(this show in general), but to the those it does appeal to, I thought this episode was great!
  • Lame, lame, lame.

    FOX should be embarrassed that they asked an question -- one single question -- before they had the gall to go to commercial.

    Part of the huge waste of time was the summing up from last week. Who gives any kind of crap at all about the loser from last week? They should've aired the show the way they summarized it: question. answer. question. answer. question. answer. They got through practically the entire show in less than five minutes.

    The producers listened to zero buzz. They have retained the annoying pauses longer than ever. They kept flashing forward to the guy's son asking him about his gambling away his college fund. Seriously, I've seen that clip 80 times. By the time he actually asks the question, who cares anymore?

    Also, letting us know there's a pageant miss coming up doesn't give anything away, exactly, but it for sure lets us know the guy either loses or gives up. The way they're doing it, it could take months for someone to get to $500,000. Meanwhile, they cut to commercials constantly.

    This show sucks. It's a terrible show. No one should be on it. No one should watch it. It's easily as excruciating to watch as it is to play. How is the studio audience not bored out of their tiny howler monkey pinheads after the first 20 minutes?

    I switched over to Bravo's "Project Runway" shortly after the first commercial break. It's a rerun, but it's way more interesting than this piece of crap.